As off the third week of October the previous green water conditions started to dissipate and a good body of fish moved into the top end of VI mile all along Giant´s and to the northern edge of II mile reef. There were unbelievable pockets of frigate bonito´s everywhere from 90 to 160 meters of water and invariably, the skipjack and small YFT were just underneath them. As expected, most of the action on the Blacks was not far from this.

Even tough there were a really good number of fish around and we were raising between 3 to 5 Blacks every day for the week, they were mostly small and very frustrating fish which were just picking at the lures & baits.  Everyone fishing suffered an acute rubber hook syndrome week –  a ludicrous hook-up ratio! I guess they were just gorging themselves silly on all that enormous amount of available small bait and only coming on the baits out of pure aggressive instinct…

We released one out of two on the lures on the 21st. On the 22nd we got 3 bites on the lures on fish up to 350 but not one stuck, Pulsator also missed two fish including a small one on the lure and a 600 on a bait and only my other boat released one out deep on a lure at about 250 lbs. The next day we saw four and had an awesome bite from a 500-pound fish on a live frigate bonnie 12 meters from the transom. The circle stuck and Sabrina released the fish after a short fight. For some reason the fish seemed to commit better on the day and the other two boats fishing also released a fish each. Pulsator went 1 for 2 on the lures and let go a 350, Katarina got a 300 on a live YFT.



The next day it was back to rubber hooks and we raised 3, had two bites (one on a lure and the other on bait) but did not stick to either. Pulsator had 5 fish on the lures and did not hook a single one. Katarina did better and managed to release a 150-pound rat out of two bites, also on the lures. We missed two on bait on the 25th – had a frisky 200 get wrapped on the leader on the bite and jump off and then we missed another fish that just kept dropping the small YFT. As with the other days we did catch some good game fish and had a couple sailfish get on out rappies and feathers while catching bait.

After a bit of a southerly blow on the 27th conditions changed and the fish spread out on the grounds. Obviously, there were not as many fish raised but some big girls showed up which of course made up for it! Make no mistake, there were a good number of decent fish up to 450 pounds released but more importantly there were some truly BIG fish seen, hooked and three great fish caught.

On the afternoon of the 28th there was a good bite and a couple fish up to 450 released & Big Bob got into a really nice one on the swim bait and let it go at around 750. Fishing down south in the San Sebastian Area the next day, Spanish Fly got into another healthy one for angler Johan Van Wyk on a lure. Unfortunately the fish was hooked on a stand up 50# with an 80-pound top shot and after a fight lasting more than 4 hours it died on them. They did not have a scale to weigh the fish. Morgan called the fish a good 900+.


There were some smaller fish in between but on the 31st October I had the Bishop´s arrive. They fished with us for the first time late September last year and had a great time releasing fish up to 600 pounds. They were supposed to only start fish three days later has I still had another group. But seeing there was a big cold front forecasted to move in, I advise the guys to start fishing the next day with Alex on the Triton. Good call!!! At 14h45 they hooked into a really nice one on the long rigger lure out of Giant´s and Mat Bishop got in the chair. They had the leader after an hour but it took them another 3 hours before they could release an easy 900+ fish in the dark.


Over this last four days we had Ali & Benn who come all the way from the Isle of Man and Singapore. Two great blokes, who were a pleasure to meet and spend time on the ocean with. They mixed it up between plugging, jigging, light tackle spinning and Marlin fishing.

On the plugging and spinning side we did see a couple really good GT´s and had a really nice one miss the lure and saw an absolute colossal fish chasing a queenie right by the boat – an awesome sight. We did hook a couple but on the wrong tackle and got smoked (reefed) by two and then had another get sharked right by the boat in a place I have never had that problem before. We did however get some really big Bluefin trevally, brassy´s, big eye, yellow spotted, snappers, big garfish and some other number plates on the reef´s.


On their second last day we were pulling the lures on the heavy gear out towards the canyon when we found a big floating rope out in 100 meters of water. The mayhem around it was incredible and in seconds there were spoons, jigs and poppers going out! For a couple of hours we enjoyed some unbelievable action catching wahoo on spoons, small YFT and tropical yellowtails on the jigs and dorado on the poppers.

It is normal that some guys want to experience all of it and I understand and have absolutely no problem with that scenario – but it´s tough when one is mixing things up.

On the Marlin it´s makes it difficult to zone in & understand what´s really going on if you not out there day in and day out the all day to see what´s happening, but, even worse your decisions on where, when and how to fish is always dictated by being close or on the way to the next plugging / jigging spot. It´s just not the same…

But, the guys did give it a good go and put the time in for some Marlin fishing – it just did not produce the goods and they were unlucky. We had two fish jump off on the baits and then had a couple lazy bites on the lures and a 350 that come unbuttoned.  However, at least the afternoon we went to the canyon we did get a fish come knocking on the short corner lure and then hook-up on the long corner Pulsator bonito smoker and Been released his first ever Black Marlin at about 250 pounds.

So overall it´s been a really interesting two weeks with some patchy fishing but with good numbers of difficult fish and some really big girls showing. If you take the number of boats fishing to the numbers and quality of fish being caught it´s actually mind blowing!

As I write this we have had the predicted low-pressure move in and it´s blowing like mad from the SE, which is a bit odd for this time of the season. But, it should ease down within the next couple of days and really looking forward to getting out there and seeing what November will bring us as we can only expect some more really big girls to show up….

´Till then tight lines and greetings from Bazaruto…



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