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Bazaruto early season fishing proving fantastic

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Bazaruto early season fishing proving fantastic

Fresh in from Duarte with some Bazaruto early season fishing action…

Last Friday, the 1st of September, and just a day before moving to Bazaruto to get everything ready for the heavy tackle starting in just less than a week and for the next three months, we took the family and some good friends on a fun light tackle outing, on the 38ft Game Changer. For some Bazaruto early season fishing action It turned out to be an extremely entertaining day with some great light tackle action, awesome Humpback whale sightings that where all over the place, had a great Picanha (end of the rump for those that do not know world´s best cut) and seared YFT barbecue on the boat and even got to be treated to a magnificent sight of a beautiful lit-up Black Marlin that tried, and whacked this YFT we were catching on light tackle, right by the transom. Most of all we had a lot of laughs!

Bazaruto early Season as been phenomenal and this morning was no exception with fishing with fast & furious action in the morning with double, triple and quadruple strikes on YFT and wahoo being the norm. The biggest fish of the day went to Lwana that got an 18+kg wahoo out of a triple, with Gretha getting the second biggest on that same run. Susana got the biggest YFT and everyone except Diogo caught a bunch of YFT & bonnies. Yeah poor Diogo won, by far and wide, the bad luck prize of the day ,by miles, as he lost all the fish he hooked, including certainly the two biggest fish of the day. His first fish was sharked, the second a very big wahoo broke the line probably with a second fish cutting through it. He fought his third fish for well over half an hour, a YFT which would have been in the region of 30-40kg and his last fish, a YFT that would have probably been around the same size open the small treble hook twenty minutes into it.

When we started the barbecue at noon we decided to put a mix of Marlin and tuna bullet heads and head out deeper so as to get some free time away from the constant game fish action. Fifteen minutes into it we had a blind strike on the long Ahi pussy lure but it did not connect. On Inspection, the leader was all frayed so certainly a Marlin or sailfish.

After a nice siesta for most of the Gang we decided to put the light tackle out once again and do one more pass on the pinnacle and ended the day with yet another quadruple Yellowfin Tuna hookup.

Best of the day was having little Duarte on board. At 4 ½ years of age his easiness and absolutely passion on the boat as to be seen to be believed. Patiently he holds the rods while trolling, helps me put the baits in the water, wants to gaff everything that is remotely hooked and next to the boat, drives the boat while in wondering looks and asks a million questions about the compass, sounder and plotter. And that look of awe as he sees those massive humpback´s breaching or the spinner dolphins surfing on the boat´s pressure waves is just too beautiful to witness. It´s so special and such a privilege to be able to experience such things with your son.

At Bazaruto now getting it all ready.

First day out on Sunday the 10th of September and then it´s back to back until mid-December.

Here´s to a great season….

5th grander marlin of the year
5th grander marlin of the year

Elsewhere the 5th Grander of the year was finally caught last Saturday the 2nd of September.

The 1 065 lbs Blue Marlin was caught by angler Constantin aboard the Nola with Capt. Clement Golaz at Faial – Azores. The fish ate two lures and died as they had wanted to release it.

It´s been an extremely slow year for Granders and the previous four for the year where all caught in February in South Africa, Angola, New Zealand and Mauritius.

Well with the GBR coming live in the next few weeks that is certainly all about to change, and maybe, just maybe, Bazaruto will live up to its reputation and have one or two of its own!

Tight lines and let the big guns come out…



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