Big Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, dorado & exceptional numbers of small Black Marlin

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Big Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, dorado & exceptional numbers of small Black Marlin

Since mid-August and up to mid-September (has we write this) we have had exceptional light tackle fishing with big Wahoo, Yellowfun Tuna, dorado & small Blacks on a daily basis. It´s been a phenomenal bite this early in the pre-summer season, which is hardly surprising since conditions have really geared up for a good and early one.

The wind blow from the SE for a short while but hard enough to push in beautiful clear water that as persisted for the over a month now. Global Warming or not we have experienced exceptional high temperatures trough out the year on the Bazaruto Archipelago and if this was not good on the fishing front from mid-January to early March when it went over 30c, it has been outstanding since then. From mid-April to May and beyond we had exceptional Marlin fishing and the numbers of small Black Marlin since early August have been staggering. Like a mate, who fishes’ here regularly, said the other day; well, it´s like they never really left this year, did they!

Anyway, the small Black Marlin have been mostly a by catch on the ballyhoo or strip bait combos we have for gamefish out there and as we know those little fuckers are not the easiest to hook-up. Day before yesterday alone I had three of this little ambitious light-up like a Christmas tree Rats try to eat my 10 kg YFT live bait meant for something much bigger. They tried but failed, it was beautiful to see tough seeing we pulled the bait right next to the boat to watch the show.

So yeah, we now fishing every day and it´s back to back all the way to December. This Big Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, dorado & small Blacks, along with some other species such as skipjack, bonnies, kawa kawa, king mackerel and some trevally species including GT´s have been absolutely perfect for the early Season guests who want to catch a Marlin but not exclusively. No one wants to miss out on this game fish festival. For the past two weeks, we have literally caught between 15 to 30 game fish every single day with some beast wahoo and some very decent size YFT along with heaps of dorado on some days.

First, we had Rob and his gang from SA for a couple of really fun days and some very good YFT incluing one that went 40 kilos and a small Black that took a rappie on the 20 pound rig.
Then it was Pedro, Carlos and Peter from Maputo on one of their usual short trips to fish with us from Vilankulos on the 38ft SuperCat, Game Changer. They had some phenomenal days in flat calm waters, which has been the scenario for the last two weeks. On their best day, Saturday the 9th September we caught / released 27 gamefish for the day with 4 big wahoos, 2 dorado, 16 YFT and a bunch of skipjack, bonnies and cuda. We pulled lures at the end of the day and raised 2 small Blacks that just slashed snake like from the back looking like they were windshield wipers!
Of course, with flat seas, sunny weather and all this exercise it called for some exquisite prawn and fish barbecue´s on the boat, put down with some ice cold 2M´s!!!

We now at ABAZ on Bazaruto island where we will be based until mid-December. It’s nice to be back year and fish aboard our old lady VAMIZI. She´s old, but lots of character and knowledge and with new engines, brand new calstar custom made rods and high spirits she´s ready for the season. It´s good to have the boys, Alex, Alberto, Lourenco & Americo on the deck again, it´s been 17 years and fishing with them is an absolute pleasure.

This week we had John & Becky Ferkinhoff from Minnesota, USA. They on an extended trip to Mozambique and spent a couple of weeks hunting with Gary Goltz up in Manica on his Gajogo safarilands. After some relaxing days in Vilankulos they come to the Island and we started fishing on Wednesday, the 13 September.

We trekked all the way down to the Nyati area and our long stretch was rewarded with some incredible action with triple and quadruple strikes being the norm. We ended up catching / releasing 5 big wahoo, 8 YFT, 4 dorados and a few bonnies & skipjack. We could only fish there until 11am and then started to head back pulling lures. It was very slow until at 2pm as we were on our last tack to come into II mile and make our way home a 250-pound Black took the SR lure….it run, jumped, run again and pulled the hooks…bloody little Rats!!!

Their second day was so flat that sometime during the day, John looked at me and said – Ì did not know the Ocean could go so calm! Yeah it was a pleasure and this time we went to have a look up north and the usual game fish festival was in full force. But, unlike down south the tax man was collecting big time and after having put second game fish sharked we moved to deeper water. Not before putting Becky on the chair (for her first ever time) with one of the fuckers and she did a brilliant job bringing in the 350 pound Zambeze (Bull) Shark for a release. Later we live baited a big YFT and had three really small Black´s try to eat it. They tried but failed but it was awesome to see and we pulled the bait right close to the boat to watch the show. We ended the day with about 8 YFT, some bonnies and a real nice wahoo caught by John. On Friday, we had a small SE and seeing they wanted to have a break between fishing this was the perfect day to do it. They went for a nice day to Santa Carolina for a snorkel, barbecue and just chilled day on Paradise Island.
Our last day, the 16th of September started up north catching bonnies and king mackerel on the light tackle. Later we live baited one of the bonnies and had a small Black come looking and 15 minutes later the bait was sharked. We pulled lures for the rest of the day and raised a small lazy Black on the Pulsator Riggler that did not commit and then just before lines in at 3pm hooked up to a #120-pound fish which we released. Small but great to finish the charter with John catching his first ever billfish. In between we caught 12 game fish including 2 big wahoo and a bunch of YFT.

Rest day tomorrow and back at it on Monday!

The humpback whales are still around in full force and it´s a real show and treat to have them breach and do their thing all over the flat calm ocean all day, day after day. We have also had some amazing dolphin sights and last Wednesday where at a stage surrounded by a pod of spinner dolphins which must have exceeded 200 individuals. On the same day my mate Steve took little Duarte and his son Kien, on an Ocean safari and after snorkeling with a similar dolphin pod and some humpback whales and their calf’s, they saw a couple dugongs…

Meanwhile and elsewhere Capt. Clement Golaz and Johan Mikkelsen on Nola got the 5th Grander of the year recently.
The Blue Marlin took two lures and died, it weighed 1 064 pounds.

A few days later and also in the Azores, Capt. Olaf released another nice Blue they called 900.

Then last Friday Bebiche in CV caught one just 8 pounds’ shy of the mark at #992! That´s in September, just shows you the quality of the place!

Actually, most of the big Blues caught so far from the beginning of the September have come from the Azores with a few other fish from Kona, the Algarve, Canaries, Australia and Ecuador.

So far, no big Blacks have yet been caught, but that should start changing as we get towards the end of the month…

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