Ryan Chalmers' biggest marlin taken by Vamizi off Bazaruto captained by Duarte Rato

Rian Chalmers’ biggest marlin to date

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Rian Chalmers’ biggest marlin to date

Rian Chalmers biggest Marlin to date: Carl´s, Rian and Andrew´s trip could not have started better with that 1000 plus fish caught on a lure early morning on their first date (read that story here). The next day, the 25th of October we once again headed down south to the canyon but with a stiff NE wind the water had gone of color and it was slow for everyone with only a few tuna and Rian releasing a 350-pound hammerhead shark we got on one of the YFT live baits.

The next day the wind dropped to a very light NE and we decided to head north to the lighthouse area. My plan was to look for bait in the morning but when we got there at 6h30 and did not see any birds around I changed my plan and decided to put the lures out. We set them in 35 meters of water and started heading out deeper, not 15 minutes later and just before the 100-meter mark and still on the same tack a bomb went, again on the long right express.

I was scanning forward for any bird activities and no one else saw the bite. The fish took off really slowly and everyone on board thought it was a wahoo or tuna. The fish also went deep and twenty minutes into it, it was still down there. Everyone was thinking big tuna, but the fish had now made some much faster runs and I was pretty sure it was a Marlin.

Finally, just after 25 minutes, the fish started to slowly come up and then she broke the water, a real nice one we estimated at 800. But she went deep again, but by now I know what angle she liked the least and within the next 20 minutes we had her come up again and twice we had her within real close, literally within a few meters from the leader. The problem was she was completely wrapped around the leader and we only had about 2 meters of leader so every time she got close we just could not reach it.

She gave us some great jumps including an amazing one straight at the boat from our starboard side which we got on the go pro and will post sometime later.

Then she went down and simply would not budge. Not really swimming much and I know she was tail wrapped. From then on it was a tug of war to slowly, inch by inch, bring her up. Eventually, just under 2 hours after hookup we got her to the surface and loaded her on the boat.

It was a sad to see her dead but, even without weighing her, she was certainly Rian´s biggest Marlin to date. He did an absolutely great job on the chair.

Well fifteen minutes of fishing and we had an 800-pound fish on the boat, not too shabby and we made our way back. We went to Kevin´s Hogson´s mothership the “QUO VADIS“ to weigh her but had some problems with the scale. Did have a few double Black´s that tasted divine and made our way back to the lodge where the guys were busy building a gantry. We weighted her and she went # 814.

Rian Chalmers biggest Marlin.

It was Carl´s time on the chair on the guys last day and we released a 350 pounder on a skipjack live bait early in the morning and then finish it off with a nice plugging session with Rian releasing a nice GT, Carl losing one by the boat and having another three come on the poppers.

Three fish in four days for the guys, really good trip with Andrew catching his first Marlin at over a thousand pounds, Rian´s his biggest Marlin at 814 lbs and Carl finishing it off with a frisky 350.

There have been a few good fish around last few days including a 550 for Big Bob and a 670 for Marlin.

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