Bazaruto´s Great Marlin Run

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Bazaruto´s Great Marlin Run

We have been having a great Marlin run and on the 11th November finished off with Pablo Pepe from Uruguay.

The fish have been real lazy as there was too much food around. But plenty of them out there.

Pablo´s three fishing days materialized into 14 raised Blacks, 7 bites and releases 4.

He also got a few good gamefish and released a sailfish.

That report here;


Next up we had Carl Jankowitz on his second trip for the season. Along with him was Louwtjie and Tony. It was Tony´s first ever trip to Bazaruto, but he had fished with us before in Cape Verde, two years ago. Both, Louwtjie and Carl are regulars, especially Carl who must be close to his thirty trip with us. During that time, we have caught a few granders and have had some epic Marlin Run and very special moments.

Here´s the report of Carl´s trip September / October earlier in the season, early days, when the Marlin run was still slow…but we still got a good one of #500!!!


Early bite but short first day…

There was a real big blow predicted to start in the afternoon on their first day.

I told the guys about the fantastic Marlin run we been having and that they been snapping early & we agreed to leave at 5h30am.

We set the lures and not 10 minutes later had our first bite.

The fish hooked up on the Bonito Smoker by Pulsator and Lowtjie was in the chair.

We cleared and as I turn to chase the hook pulls.

Picked up a skipjack and baited it but it was taxed by a 200-pound T-bone that we released.

Really unfortunate, that would have been a great way to start and make the most of what turned out to be a short day.

The predicted wind arrived straight after that bite and within the next two hours was blowing 25 knots plus and the sea was on its head. We made our way home.

The next couple days we fished light tackle on the inside and caught a few small kingies and queens and a couple bonito from the beach, at the north point of Benguerra, which was pretty cool.


Louwtjie, Carl & Tony chilling on the pool after a good day´s fishing.
Not a bad way to end a good Marlin Run….
















1nd Day – 4 raised, 2 bites and 1 release!!!

On the 15th the wind subsided and we got out there. There was a big swell but it went down through the day and was pretty comfortable. The previous day Jam Packed had braced out there and raised 5 up north. We set of to lighthouse early morning.

It looked amazing with YFT, skipjack and jube jube´s everywhere. Actually, too much bait as the previous week and those fish must be very full being so lazy.

We got a wahoo and a bunch of YFT and skipjack and baited two but the taxman was on the prowl.

At 7h22 we hookup on a lure on a #250 fish just outside Alladin´s.

Lowtjie got in the chair and again as we turned to chase the fish did another series of jumps and pulled the hook.

We picked a few more YFT and skipjack. An hour later as we are throwing GT ice creams at the on a skipjack school and then two hours later raised another similar fish on the wriggler but no bite out of it.

There was a massive school of skipjack at Nhangosse and I started to work it with the lures. They were travelling fast south with the current. Just before one we were at Sailfish Bay and again had a fish about #200 come on the long left express and just knock it down.


Work Sailfish Bay real hard for the next hour. Especially around the around on the southern ledge where we been getting most of the bites the previous week.

13h23 on the clock and we hookup on another small fish.

But at least this one stuck.

Louwtjie jumps in the chair and brings it for a release which was great as he was leaving the next day.

Always good to get one…

Right on!!!

Jam Packed lost pulled the hook on that one fish.

Game Changer pulled the hook on a #300 on a live bait and raised another two,

Veleiro raised 5 but did not get one!!!



2nd Day – raised 5, two bites & 2 releases!!!

Shorter run and started at V mile next day.

Absolute beautiful out there, light SE wind and real nice!

Again, lots of bait around. We baited a skipjack but got taxed.

Then we pick another 2 skipjack´s and as I slow down the short left gets taken.

By the sounds of it a shark.

I am praying as I really don´t want to lose my beloved Black & Golden Ruckus.

It chows the leader….I swear like a motherfucker!

But, luck was on my side and we only lost the hook as the lure did not slide down the leader!


A few minutes later at 07h40 we hook up on the short right Wriggler.

Mad 200-pound fish which Carl makes short work off.

Nice to release one so early!!!

We get a knockdown from a small fish at sailfish Bay just after 9 and then get a nice wahoo.

By noon the bait had vanished.

I decide to go down with the current and finish it off outside Sharkville. Try and get a bait on the pinnacle.

Quiet a bold move after seeing all the fish at Sailfish and V mile!

Love it when I plan comes together a 100%!!!

On the way there we get another knockdown from a small fish outside the northern edge of II mile.

Also get a nice 18 kilo wahoo in the same area.

I head straight to the pinnacle at sharkville.

Get a nice 8kilo plus YFT.

Put it in the tubes and run out.

Let it swim in 55 meters of water and tack towards the deep area where we got a bunch of marks.

30 minutes later right on the spot in 103 meters there´s a nice big flash on the bait.

Bite and perfect drop and hookup on the corner.

Tony jumps in the chair to fight his first ever Black.

Great fight and we release the 500 fish and head home.

Some nice Double Black Jonnhie´s on the way in and great to see my oldest boy on the beach as we get back.


Marlin Run – an angry #500 takes to the air before being release for Tony´s first ever Black Marlin.























3rd Day – Raised 2, one release for two bites!!!

Little Duarte who is now 5 come across the mainland on his own to fish with us for the next two days which were predicted to be flat calm.

He as now fished a lot for game fish and as seen a few sailfish being released.

But his dream was seeing a Marlin being caught aboard VAMIZI the BOAT, as he calls it!

It´s not as hot as the previous two weeks but still a good Marlin run, so pretty confident he will see one or more…

Well, what he saw that day nearly took his eyes of his eyeballs….twice!!!!


Little Duarte come to experience the Marlin Run aboard VAMIZI for a couple days.
Holding the elastic on a live bait!
Great having you onboard my boy…

















It was flat calm indeed and decided to start at Sharkville.

Just stunning out there and the wind subsided completely, probably the flattest its been the all season.

Nothing at Sharkville so we tacked down with the current and eventually got a skipjack which we baited. Unfortunately, it died after an hour.

Bait was everywhere and Carl was catching plenty skipjack on the spinning tackle.

We lost a wahoo on the lures, then got a bait taxed and mid-morning get another bait.

Twenty minutes into it we get a blue flash on the bait of a nice one.

Bite, short drop, come up and we loaded.

Hookup, or so we tough.

Carl jumped in the chair and sustained a really long run. We turned and chased and Carl picked up line like he does – a machine!!!

The fish started coming back on our starboard side so just run to him.

Then he jumps, a good fish going around a good #550 and as he jumps the bait goes flying.


When we pull the bait, we find that the circle had actually gonne into the bait on the bite.

So, the fish was never hooked and just holding on to it.

Pretty disappointing but at least Duarte Jnr had his first look at a nice one.


We put the lures and moved back to sharkville.

The amount of bait was insane there. Absolutely mind blowing. There was this one massive skipjack school that just had no end to it. Zillions of terns hovering above. Duarte excitement was on its peak. Carl´s as well catching them on the light sticks.

Put one bait out and after 45 minutes we see this 180-pound hammerhead coming for it. We try and pull in to save the bait. But this thing is just crazy and charges all the way to the boat and grabs the bait. Duarte is screaming with excitement. Alex gets in the chair and pulls off to sunset. This thing is just going at warp speed. We can´t understand but later find that it was actually hooked on the dorsal fin.

After a while it’s just dead weight and Alex goes to low gear and brings it in.

At this stage, Duarte Jnr´s eyes almost jump out their sockets…and so do ours!

This hammerhead, but means little was chopped in half, by what we thing was a massive tiger shark.

It’s not just Marlin Run and here´s a hammerhead that was eaten by something much bigger during the fight, probably a monster tiger…
















We got back to sharkville and this time get a big bonnie.

Put it out but after 20 minutes it gets sharked.

It´s almost time to go home, we have caught one, two or three fish every single day for the past three weeks. I am pretty disappointed that we have not got one for Duarte and of course for Carl and Louwtjie on the day…

But as they say;

It´s not over until the fat lady….

We got the lures and I am heading in. 47 meters out of Sharkville.

Alex is putting the short corner Wriggler on the rigger when its literally ripped of its hands.



Tony got in the chair.

It was a pretty small and easy fish and in no time at all we have him close to our starboard side. I am setting the pace with the fish and slowly gaining on him.

Next thing, the fish just turns and jumps at us and misses the gunnel by a meter.

It goes under the boat. Alex as got the speed of thought to grab the leader.

I got into full reverse with the engines locked to starboard.

Somehow, we manage not to cut the fish off.

But now its jumping on the other side hitting the port side of the boat twice.

Real CHAOS and everyone is still shaking as we let this one go.

Real excitement but a little too close for comfort!!!!

Little Duarte´s eyes almost come out of their sockets for the second time on the day!

His just so excited to have seen this Marlin jumping a few away from him and having released it. His so excited to have seen that Hammerhard eaten by another shark.

So, cool to hear him tell all the stories to Mummy over the phone that evening.

Yeah and the ball keep´s rolling!

Just been to good out there….and great people to share it with!

Jam Packed missed one up north and Game Changer raised 4 but only got one bite that they missed!


Nice little one on the riggler by pulsator putting a great show!!!
















Day 4 – Raised 4, two bites, one hookup that we lost!!!

Our last day started real nice but the SE picked up as the day went on and pretty uncomfortable in the afternoon but very fishable.

All I want is to get a good one for Carl seeing Tony already as one.

We got a skipjack on the spinning rod immediately after getting to V mile in the morning.

Baited and got sharked after 45 minutes.

Put the lures and worked south.

In the next hour we have a knockdown on long left that the leader revealed to be a billfish and where really unlucky with the baits. Missed plenty on the GT ice creams, then lost a few and had about three badly hooked.

Then right next to us Chiristiaan, fishing with our guests Len Engelbretch hookup´s up on a lure on a nice one. We go over to take a few pictures on a good fat #500 plus. I am really happy for them as it is their last day. Their screams show how excited and happy they are.

Nice one Christiaan…

Fishing with our guests on the 38ft Game Changer, Christiaan put them on a nice one on a lure on their last day.
















Then at 10am we raise a mid-ranger.

It comes in on the short-left Ruckus takes a swipe but just knocks it out the rigger and fades.

Comes up again on the long-left MM MSR, misses it and fades for good.

An hour later we raise another.

Small fish that comes knocks the long-left MM MSR and fades.


It goes real quiet and we work a skipjack school going south with the current.

Halfway down to the Big C place I decide to leave them and tack back to Benguerra where we saw the previous fish.

All the last four fish we seeing or caught real shallow so I am doing short shallow tacks.

13h37 and a real one shows up being the long left once again.

This thing just comes right up behind it, nice shoulders on her.

The it goes down and just gives us the most amazing inside out bite.


It takes off at warp speed putting us into the backing before I can turn and chase.

We get right on her and she jumps in the distance.

She´s got 150 meters of line out straight of the back and deep.

Next thing it takes off and appears right by our starboard side.

Full of tricks this thing.

Then she takes off and gives us a beautiful going away jump.

Real nice shoulders, at least 7, probably more like #800!

I can see the leader is wrapped around her back. Think the hook is on her right end side, leader over the shoulders and then back again over the mouth as coming from the outside of her.

We gain on her and 35 minutes later have the dacron loop inside for the third time.

She´s coming up and not very far.

Next thing it just goes limp!!!

We bring it in to find she chewed through the leader about 1.5m from the hook.

Can only think that it was locked on the corner´s and yeah just unlucky!

That´s 2.5mm leader chewed in 35 minutes, unusual and unlucky!

Pretty depressing as all I wanted was a good one for Carl.

But, you can´t win them all!!!

We get back to Sharkville to end the day.

Literally with 10 minutes to go we hook into what we think is a small Marlin on the long left again.

No one saw the bite and no jump and after a while it’s just dead weight.

Then there´s another small fish right on our transom.

I keep the boat moving slowly ahead and while Alex is quickly rigging a skipjack, Lourenco is keeping the fish there with a daisy chain. Pulling it away every time he comes for it.

Meanwhile our first fish comes up and it’s a big wahoo hooked on the tail. Thus, the long run.

Alex puts the dead skipjack in the water. Quiet a big bait for the size fish but he whacks and leaves it.

Then he comes and charges hard and takes the bait literally 10 meters of the transom.

As he does so his so messy he gets all tangled up on the leader and starts jumping.

One, two, three jumps and comes off.

Beautiful to see.

We head back home not flying one or more flags for the first time in a long time.

Had our chances…unlucky day!

It’s been a pretty amazing Marlin Run of the Bazaruto Archipelago and Vamizi as made the most of it releasing 23 out of 29 hookup´s, 36 bites and 57 raised fish, in the last 15 fishing days.
















As is been the case last three weeks, once again, the fish where extremely lazy but all in all in their 4 and a half fishing days the boys raised 16 fish, with 9 bites, seven hookups’ and 4 releases up to #500 pounds.

They also released some big wahoo, lots of skipjack and other game fish and 2 hammerhead sharks.

We were really unlucky to have another 500 pull the hook on the live bait and have a 7-800-pound fish chew through the leader on a lure!!! Still, not a bad Marlin run…

Looking forward to fishing with Louwtjie for GT´s end of January on Bazaruto but from Vilankulos aboard Game Changer.

To see our packages from Vilankulos aboard the 38ft Game Changer for next year please go to;


Next up for Carl will be March in Santa Maria where last year he caught Mozambique´s first ever Grander Blue Marlin on the 4th of March.














Christian has been doing a great job with our guests fishing out from Vilankulos on the 38ft Game Changer and here´s some pretty cool shots he took last couple weeks…

















































Tight lines, Blue Water & lots of current….



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