The Mozambique Blue Marlin fishery is only just being discovered really.

Video: Mozambique Blue Marlin of Santa Maria

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Video: Mozambique Blue Marlin of Santa Maria

Here´s a small Mozambique Blue Marlin video done by Riam Chalmers from our second charter with Carl and Andrew off Santa Maria.

It was a great time and in 9 days we released 9 Marlin out of 27 raised and 24 bites on mostly Blue Marlin, but also a couple of stripes and a small Black.

Our best day we went 4 for 7 on Blues and, during the first few days had a great hookup ratio, which then went much worst as the fish become lethargic and would just not commit, including a very frustrating day, when we went 1 for 6.

Out of the 9 fish we released we got three over 500 and pulled the hook on a nice one that was probably just shy of 800 very close to the boat.

There´s no doubt in my mind that this Mozambique Blue Marlin fishery´s is as good as anywhere in the World. If only more boats fished the area the results would be even more staggering. It´s a wide area and when only one or two boats are fishing it daily it is, sometimes difficult, to zone on the fish.

But just to highlight its huge potential, just before we started there where some phenomenal days where some boats released up to 5 fish a day including a few Grand Slams, which is a very realistic proposition here.

Between one our charters (seeing we need to a few days for logistics between groups) there was another few days of insane fishing. Unfortunately, only one boat was out there to make the best of it and on their best day they went 6 for 7!!!

Anyway, we will be back to Santa Maria next year. The season runs all the way from October to early May, but it seems the most reliable weather, best bite and bigger fish seem to show from late February, thus that is when we should start up until early to mid-April.

So here´s a few pics from these charters and the short Mozambique Blue Marlin (and one Black) done by Rian Chalmers.


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