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December Marlin Diary

December Marlin Diary

We then had a couple sailfish bill the big Marlin lures but difficult to hook them on those. I had been working mostly shallow where all the bait had been, but at 11h30 decide to do a deeper tack south of  Nhangosse and BANG, off goes the long rigger express and we ON again…

The fish jumps all over the place, Carl get´s in the chair and makes quick work off the 250 pounder that again gives some breathtaking jumps on the leader before we release him.

Shortly after the express goes again, this time a big wahoo, Annette jumps in the chair but the fish pulls.

We start making our way back and still raise another two sailfish and a Marlin but get no bites out of it.


Well, awesome morning in great company and great weather.

Mayhem of game fish, some sailfish knocks and raised 4 Marlin, two hookup’s and a release.

Hum, just another beautiful day at the office :spite:breakd:;)!!!

Windguru, buoyweather and the lots were spot on the forecast’s today…supposed to be a light SE and it blew moderately from the NE the all day vvbafvvvvbafvv

After yesterday’s bedlam of birds, bait and gamefish at VI mile it was surprisingly quiet this morning as we started down south. But, things got going at Sailfish Bay were we picked a couple wahoo, some YFT and lost a couple dorado a tad later.

It went quiet so we pressed further north and found some game fish action again at lighthouse where we had a pack of sailfish come on the Marlin lures and knock three without getting hooked.
We picked a couple more YFT and then finally at 11 raised a Marlin on the Short left smoker but it just knocked it out the pin and never come back for seconds.

We picked another YFT and live baited…the guys were quiet shocked at the size bait but all it took was 15 minutes and we were on….to a bloody 300 pound Zambeze shark that gave Carl a good workout before release.

Shortly after we again had another Marlin on the smoker, this time it come sideways and missed the lure completely, this one seemed a good fish but again it never come back for seconds.
Fish were quiet unresponsive and we must have had four dorado come to the lures but not taking…we did pull on two.

As we about to come back again we get a couple sailies up on the spread. First we get a short burst on one of the Halco´s, immediately from the sound I shout sailfish.
15 seconds later there it is trying to bill the humongous lure on the short corner.

But this time we were ready and had a made a stand-by bellyshine pitch bait!

As I shouted sailfish, Alberto was quick to pitch the bait and when the fish come on the short corner he just moved it there and the fish switched immediately, short drop back and Laurette is on her first ever billfish…

Nice run, lots of jumps and great fight for the lady on the TLD and bait stick.

Fifteen minutes later we get it by the boat for a release…

Well done on Laurette´s first ever billfish…:cong:

The wind is still pumping strong from the SE and yesterday we decided to take a break:raine

This morning started with two nice guys from the Freestate, both looking for their first Marlin.

It was blowing like hell in the morning so we decided to only do a half day and after a throughout briefing on the protected area we went out to V mile were we set the spread at 10am…

10 minutes later, YEAH 10 MINUTES and BANGGGGGGGGGGGGG….there goes the flavor of the moment long rigger express and Leon jumps in the chair as a small fish goes apeshit at the other end…

Leon worked that fish like he had done it all his life and brought the frisky fish quiet quick and when we first touched the leader it went absolutely ballistic…


Another 5 minutes and we had it controlled by the boat and a quick photo before releasing it @ 180 lbs…


We set the spread again and worked the area a bit…missed a wahoo on the express again, had a couple dorado and got a YFT.

Ten minutes earlier I was commenting to my deckhand how slow the BMC 2 on the long right has been in the last few weeks after producing so many fish earlier in the season…

Yeah right, 11h30am and BANG, there she goes….:shock:;)

I can immediately see this is a much better fish and does not do much at the beginning. Then it goes haywire and down. Theo jumps in the chair, goes 1 to 1 and starts to work the fish up. When I tell him to push up the drag a notch the fish goes berserk, comes to the surface and does some mind blowing rapid jumps, jumping and moving direction in a flash, it actually almost jumped on top of the line and we got the leader and double all scratched.

35 minutes later we get it on the leader, tag it and let it go @ 500 lbs…::H

The wind started to push even stronger after that and the seas were upside down. We trolled another couple of hours and made ourselves home…

Of course with a couple of celebratory 2M and Laurentina´s…
Excellent few hours with a first Marlin for both guys…looks like the weather is finally settling tomorrow…:SSS:SSS:SSS



As we setting the spread just outside II mile early this morning the long right is ripped from Alberto´s hand has he was putting the line in the rigger clip. As I look at him the Dacron rigger loop of the short left smoker is also ripped of my hand ((wideeye)):?

We never saw what took it and did not connect, but with such a start we could have guessed we were in for a good one.

What a day it turned out to be…::S::S::S

We raised 5 Marlin, had three strikes, a double hookup and released one about 300 lbs…

but that was not all of it, the game fishing was wild and we caught / released something like 13 tuna, 6 wahoo and a couple dorado…but let’s start from the beginning…

Finally a flat calm sea with a light SE greeted us this morning and it looked beautiful with electric blue water:SSS:SSS:SSS.

We started picking YFT along the morning as we made our way north, but upon getting to sailfish Bay the water turned milky and we made our way back…again picking some good YFT up to 18 kilos and a few skipjack as well.

At 9am we were back in the top corner of V mile and picked a wahoo, followed by two mysterious strikes on the Konas and then we finally raised a Marlin that come on the long corner tube but no take.

All this in fairly shallow water, but we picked a few birds in the distance and when we got to the 180 meter mark there were tuna busting all over and we had a quadruple, including a couple of small one’s so we put two live baits out, one on top, the other on the down-rigger.

Worked in shallower and exactly 25 minutes later the top bait starts getting nervous and I see the unmistakable flash of a Marlin.
No pick up for 2 minutes but all of a sudden the down-rigger bait goes.

We start feeding when the top bait is taken…ohhhh, men, CHAOS:shock::shock::shock:!!!!!

We feeding the two YFT at the same time, praying nothing tangles…^^..^^..^^..

To avoid it I let a very sort drop back on the deep bait and tell Leon to slowly push his drag up and we on, the 20/0 circle finds the corner and a 300 pound Black starts doing the usual acrobatics…

We don’t have a pick up on the other bait so I tell Theo to slowly bring the bait in…15 meters from the boat a small 150 pound fish comes charging, we free spool and after a few seconds the fish starts jumping…we lock up and now we got two fish dancing in our stern…


The small fish is going ballistic not 30 meters from the boat, just trashing from side to side…

(yeah, pretty sad my camera is not working and focusing a 100% anymore):(


It trashes and then starts jumping all over, doing dome somersaults against the heavy drag. A couple minutes later the line comes loose and we found the fish has come undone… :doh:doh:doh

But, I was not really surprised as I thought it was just wrapped around from the beginning – it had started jumping before we pushed the drag up on the strike…

IMG_9368 copy.JPG

The other fish is solid and gives a nice account of itself and some more acrobatics close to the boat before we get it under control on the leader, tag it & send it on his way…


High fives all round, put the lures out and I move deeper where a thick plankton current line as formed. Trolling on the edge all of a sudden we get three rods screaming and we get two wahoo which are followed by dozens of dorado right to the boat….

I look around and find what I suspected…a big wooden crate floating on the surface.

Time to bring the light spinning gear out and have some MORE FUN…:spite;):dban:

Leon on a nice dorado…



We catch 5 wahoo and a couple dorado around it…we could have gone the all day and made a slaughter of it, it was just teeming with fish everywhere you looked!!!

But after a half an hour we all agreed that Marlin was on the top of the agenda, so we set the lures and moved to the area where we had picked the fish earlier.

Not long after we pick another YFT, this one about 10 kilos and put it out as live bait.

35 minutes later we raise a small Marlin that follows, mouths the bait once but no go….we live bait for another half an hour and I decide to switch to lures and make our way home.

We had not set the spread 5 minutes when a Marlin free jumps 50 meters to  my starboard, I change the tack and as I get on the spot BANG….the fish comes on the tube and screams off, taking 100 yards in a flash, but unfortunately coming undone. :doh

That would have been a great end to a magnificent day…

But anyway can´t complain in the least so we open the 2M´s and comfortably make our way home…life’s good!!!


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