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Blue Marlin Mozambique & Africa´s East Coast

Blue Marlin Mozambique & Africa´s East Coast

The last few months have seen a really good Blue Marlin in bite Mozambique and Africa´s east coast all the way from Kenya down to South Africa, not only in numbers but with some really nice fish making their appearance.

Blue Marlin Mozambique – an estimated #600 Blue hooked and released in unusual shallow water out of V-mile Reef – Bazaruto Archipelago aboard Vamizi

Despite the low number of boats (with most of those being private weekend warriors) the Inhaca / Maputo area is, probably by far and as usual in the last few years, seeing the most numbers of Blues along with a good number of stripes this time of the year. Most likely, because of the absence of serious charter boats and having been discovered fairly recently, this is one of the east coast best kept secrets,  probably the best in terms of numbers.

I would go so far as to say that, from what we have seen in the last few years, if this fishery had more experienced crews and boats fishing it´s waters day in and out it could very well be right up there with and closely rival Cape Verde in terms of numbers. Most of the fish in the area seem to average between 2-400 pounds but a few fish well over 500 are fairly regularly caught and many more lost.







Although the vast Majority of fish are fairly small the Inhaca / Maputo, the area on offer´s world class numbers of Blue Marlin – Mozambique

Due to the unseasonal windy and unpredictable conditions the season started later than usual with the two first local tournament´s (when the large majority of boats fish) having to be postponed due to blowout´s. We talking small boats (16 to 31ft) and a long run! Even though, a few boats periodically fished during January reporting an average of 3 to 6 bites a day including a couple of triple headers. Last Saturday, they had the first tournament for the year and although overall the guys reported less releases than normal due to very finicky fish translating into a horrible hookup ratio, there where up to 9 fish up for a boat on the day.

The winning boat, Yolanda released 4 out of 6 (a few days previously they went a 2 for 6 including a triple hookup that went bad and a really big blue that come off!). The second boat Bite Me released 3 and there was a lot of boats with two or a single release.

The season at Inhaca / Maputo runs all the way to May and seeing the all of southern Mozambique as experienced some pretty high water temperatures the guys are expecting for it to peak into the next couple of months.








A nice Blue being released aboard FourPlay in January 2017 out of Maputo – Blue Marlin Mozambique

That same unseasonal windy weather and extreme high temperatures as kept moat boats from targeting Blues out wide at Bazaruto. There was also a really exciting run of small Blacks inshore and great plugging for GT´s and light tackle for a diversity of nice game fish. Thus, very few boats have ventured out there, but when they did there was some exciting results. As the weather settles we should have some good news in the weeks to come.

A nice size Blue Marlin released aboard Vamizi out of the Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique

Kenya seems to be producing a constant bite on Blues along with a Blacks, a few stripies and sailfish. But most memorable has been some reports we have been hearing to the outer banks with exceptional numbers of broadbill releases.

Down south in South Africa we have had reports of some good numbers of both Blues, Black and striped Marlin. But what has been really unusual is the number of good size Blues being caught. Amongst other´s the two best fish I heard about where the two below.

Fishing out of Sodwana, Brad Kidd send me some pictures of a really nice blue caught aboard his boat the B´s Nest. A. Schoeman was on chair duty when the huge Blue inhaled a Pakula Lumo Sprocket on a #80 outfit, a fish they later released and conservatively estimated at 800 pounds.

An estimated #800-pound Blue being released out of Sodwana aboard the B´s Nest.

But, the fish that has really made headlines this past week was an estimated Grander Blue released by Bully de Ricqueberg aboard the 21ft Eye-Tie with Roberto Fierro at the wheel. There as only been two Grander Blue Marlin caught in South Africa (and no Black), both of which were weighted. Due to some very odd laws this fish that arrived at the boat dead, could not be boated and had to be discarded. A real shame has it measured an impressive 148´´(376 cm) by 82´´ (208 cm) with a 24´´(61 cm) tail. This measurements put the fish at 1,245 lbs. If correct it would have beaten the SA record by a long haul.

Speaking to some mates of mine in SA to understand why they could not boat the dead fish it seems that being part of the Isimangaliso one can only take out a billfish if fishing the area outside a tournament (as long as follow some national regulations). However, if fishing a tournament, as it was the case, all billfish have to be released without exception, failing of which could lead to heavy fines and banning of individuals and organizers.









Might the nice Blue Marlin bite in Mozambique and the east coast if Africa carry on strong for the next few months and looking forward to getting back on the Ocean in a few weeks.

To all of you tight lines, be happy and enjoy the time on the water…

Now it´s time to batten down the hatches, and make sure everything is safe, fair & square for senor Dineo, tropical storm imminently approaching anytime later today. Does not seem like a big one (cat. 1)…but to all of you out there from Bd, Inhassoro, VNX, Massinga all the way down to tofo and surrounding areas be safe and be cool…



Duarte A. M. Rato

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12 thoughts on “Blue Marlin Mozambique & Africa´s East Coast

        1. Bro, it´s insane…don´t think I have ever seen it like this, from south to north, the all day it´s just schools of skipjack, YFT and bonnies feasting on oceanic anchovy…everywhere!!! Very green water tough…

  1. Very good newsletter,excellent blue marlin catch and stupid law.a lot of big marlin do die at the boat and cannot be released.if that fish was brought in ,it would have increased more boats to the area,bringing in more revenue for the park.silly law w!Hitch must be changed

    1. Thanks, Clive, yeah does not make much sense and if they want to do it then why not on tournaments but OK if not…maybe should work other way round. I understand guys want to enforce it as lots of guys will just say a fish is dead for the sake of killing it regardless the size but yeah makes no sense at all and not only will it bring awareness to the area it would feed a lot of people….this is Africa after all! Cheers mate

      1. thks–however thats the parks board/ski boat rules-the hassle with the skiboat association are the very rigid rules implemewnted over the years and just dont tie in to countries like aussie/new zealand/usa–ours are too rigid-good rule of thumb for big marlin/1000lb is 14ft 6 inch length and girth of 6 ft-i fished 3 times at lizard-caughr 3 fish over 1000lb and 10 fish over 800lb-so have a good idea-good news about inhaca as its close -south africa/mocambique has 2 vewry distinct marlin seasons–ie-blacks and blues-not counting stripies-and ever since i caught my firsy marlin off bazaruto in 1958 from my skiboat and saw a 1000lb fish which i hooked and lost-trace hassle-and spoke to other fisherman-i always said that bazaruto would beat alfreds glassels fish of this size have been hooked there.but inexperienced crews/boats/are/were not up to standard-however because of the high tides and mooring and absence of good boats-its a problem-dont forget george coates-good frriend of mine caught a 1084lb black off cocanut bay fromhis 18ft acecraft skiboat-incidently i owned acecraft in the good old days-guys are really not chasing the big marlin as before-it needs a big fish-like that released big blue to get on the news to action this
        i still believe the world record will come to our coasts
        tight lines
        clive olivier

        1. Yeah Clive, my take is that is they want to do it they should implement a size limit. Yes, this place as potential for very big Marlin, that´s why I have been here 17 years and not planning on leaving anytime soon I got a fish here that was sharked went 1420 on the measurements (remains weighted 1107) and have seen another 2 as or bigger….Never heard about that 1048 off Coconut bay, only know of another grander Black caught in Mozambique outside Bazaruto and that was in tofo…could you send me more details on that catch! Cheers

          1. Hi George coates who was chairman of mphalane ski boat club,Zululand wet with Alby Upton to. Coconut bay and caught first 10884 lb from 18 ft acecraft skibaot..I have the photos somewhere.on 130 lb tackle,outstanding catch
            However at least 8. Fish, all blacks,over 900lbs caught at cape Vidal and sordwana
            Think that Kenya has never produced any really big fish. So big blacks must be coming around Madagascar to mocambique,down the coast right up to cape town.the? Big trawlers,longliners have caught many blacks over 1000 lb off cape town
            Plettenburg bay is known for big fish as well.
            However the blacks only breed off mocambique as the juvies show that.i have seen a marlin of over 1000lb jump off Durban.i still ha!Be newspaper clipping.
            But I still believe that baz will produce the world record. My friend Peter Wright of marlin mag visited baz and believes that as well.however places like coconut bay are also ok. Still in breeding range for blacks due to long coral reef etc..
            I believe kingfisher have a photo off 1109 lb black of mine on show there?
            Keep up the good work.
            I only believe in love bait and never once caught a! Fish on plastic..And I caught at baz,Mauritius.,new Zealand,lizard island,sordwwana
            Anyway let us know any other good news
            Incidentally?Ntly Rupert van see dirt caught a black off baz that was weigh?ed on a small scale,so pieces were hacked etc and that fish weighed close to 1000
            That fish as way over 1000 lb
            Tight lines

          2. Thanks for that, do you know what year George Coates got that fish from Coconut Bay, would really appreciate if you could send me a photo or two to;

            What year did you get the 1109 lbs fish here at Baz. I might have a pic of it on the Island as the guys in at Kingfisher allowed me to do lots of copies of their photos.

            Well, live bait fishing certainly works and has it´s time here although sometimes really difficult with all the sharks around. Dead baits (skip and swim) really have their place. I started experimenting with plastic here in 2006 to everyone´s amusement seeing they said you could not catch them on plastic. Well I have caught hundreds on plastic since then including 6 I believe where over a 1000 (only weighted one that got tail wrapped – 1098 lbs).

            All the best…

          3. George got his fish in 1984. Did you get the photo I sent you? Check your email at bottom of email.
            My fish of 1109lb was caught at lizard island.i went 3 times to lizard..I caught 3 fish over 1000 lnb including one over 1200lb which we tagged after 1\half hours,including ,10 fish over 800 lbs.most released but some died,have photos of dead fish over ,90lb as well I caught there..I caught my. First marlin at baz on my skiboat in 1967. .It weighed 358lbs I think ,but lost a fish over 1000 ,the trace broke due to mixture in those days of mono and the early days ,the boats were grim and no real talking alves. Days with jack Santos as manager at Santa Carolina.
            I went 10 years then every Oct,but stopped in 1974 ewhen took over.llast trip .Really place and same atmosphere as lizard..One never knows what is going to hit your bait.remember the huge tiger sharks taking baits and the hammers. As well..We used to do figure of rights when dragging lljve\dead baits. To confuse the hammers. It worked as well
            Let me know if you got photo

          4. Hi Clive, thanks for that photo…it is the same as the one I have seen before (it´s at Casa Barry in tofo) and it´s the same fish I was speaking about caught in tofo, I did not know all the details tough.
            Once again thanks and all the best…

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