A day in the life of Vila do Paraiso

Vila do paraiso

A day in the life of Vila do Paraiso

Here´s a really cool video on Vila do Paraiso, one of the lodges we use for our fishing guests in Vilankulos along with the superb SuperCat´s Sportfisher´s; Game Changer and Drop Your Rods.

The amazing drone footage shows not only how specially located VDP is but the exceptional beauty of the Bazaruto Archipelago…most of all you can see the way those beautiful and comfortable 38ft SuperCat´s glide through the water.

The more I fish on these boats the more I love them, their 16ft beam just makes it amazingly easy to work around on multiple strikes which has been the case the last few weeks. Talk about 5 super-size wahoo taking off at warp speed simultaneously…no more panic waltz on the deck this big fishing platform just makes it all easy.

And when you put that spread out it just looks amazing. Most of all and I have now been enough on them to know, they just raised  a shit lot of fish….period!


Fish and stay with us at Vila do Paraiso

To see our special fishing packages for 2018 combining accommodation at Vila Do Paraiso and fishing on one of the 38 ft SuperCat Sportfisher´s please contact us or see the link below;


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You can learn more about Vila do Paraiso at their cool website on…


And a gallery to whet your appetite more…

…and for all things fishing up and down Southern Africa – The Sardine News…http://thesardine.co.za


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