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Bazaruto Marlin and Sharks…

Bazaruto Marlin and Sharks…


We had some down time between the Rudland´s and our next group from Denmark, who wanted to target Marlin and sharks…

Here´s the Rudland´s report from mid-September…

A good current was pushing through and although the water temperature is a tad low for the time of year conditions looked good for the three days we had with Claus Baelum, his 11-year-old son Anders and friend Casper.




The forecast was for some morning northerly wind on our first fishing day, the 21st September, but it turned out to be a beauty. On the way, north Claus gave me the run down on what they wanted to achieve. Put some time for light tackle game fishing and priority would be to get Anders a Shark and a Marlin for himself.

So, a Marlin and Shark scenario with some game fish in between…great!

As we set the light rods outside lighthouse there was dolphins feeding and bonnies where all over the place. It was fast action but the sharks also got on the prowl and we had a few taken but managed to land a good number…great start. It went slower but we managed a good morning´s light tackle with bonnies, skipjack and Yellowfin Tuna.

Later we put the first live bait out on wire and shallow to try and hook Anders with his shark.

But, as Murphy would have it next thing we get a small Black Marlin try but fail to eat the rather large YFT live bait. It got wrapped on the nose as he tried to do so and come off after pulling about 50 meters of string.

Our next two shark live baits get chopped off by wahoo.

Finally, we set the lures and not long into it and just outside 9-Mile reef we get two fish showing one on the long right Marlin magnet and the bigger one on the short right Riggler. We get a bite from the bigger fish and hookup. After a slow sluggish run and ten minutes into it this #500 plus Black goes absolutely mental and puts up a great show before going and settling down.

We come up on the drag and begin the dog fight when all of a sudden it goes limp. We pull in to find something had cut the #600-pound leader clean. I can only think that the lure had come up on the leader and a wahoo went for it cutting us off in the process.

I tell Claus how unlucky this is and that it has only happen once to me before. He tells me how unlucky he has been with Marlin and that he previously pulled hooks on two fish after a while, one in Kenya, the other in Mauritius and now this.














Wanting to fish for Marlin and Sharks, Claus found himself attached to a #500 Black Marlin we hooked out of a double on his first Bazaruto Fishing day.

















We set them up and work the area and then slightly south. Claus tells Casper to take the next strike as he is recovering. 120 meters of water and we get another nice fish coming in hot on the long right Magnet. Lazy fish comes about four times and then fades off. On the fifth attempt, I cut on the throttles as his right being the lure and we come tight.

Casper jumps in the chair. This is his first ever deep sea day ever. His got a couple bonito and YFT from the morning to his credit, but is doing great. After an initial slow run the fish goes absolutely mental. Like really weird for a Black to do such jumps at such speed. It then cuts us across and jumps towards the boat missing the transom by inches. No way….I tell Alex that I think this is a Blue. Extremely rare to get a Blue in such shallow water of Bazaruto, but it as happens three times to me before…

Eventually we get the #450 fish on the leader and release it…











Marlin & Sharks – On his first ever deep sea fishing Casper first got a few game fish and then this #450-pound Blue Marlin. This fish was hooked in 120 meters of water in the Black Marlin Grounds, which is highly unusual…but we will take it any day!
















Great day with 4 Marlin Raised, two bites, losing a #500 Black on very unusual circumstances and releasing a #450 Blue.
except that I see that our little beautiful but worn out Magnet (which as the nickname of Green Monster), which as caught us so many big fish over the last three seasons, is completely cracked in the head. So yeah, losing first the Riggler and now the Magnet is a bit of a letdown. Already called the Pulsator Stables for replacements but, those had gained a lot of character and battle scars over the past few years!






















The next day 11 yrs Anders really wanted to get a shark!

I am gutted seeing the marlin bite is real on which is pretty exciting this early in the Season. I just want to get on with it and try to persuade Anders and his Dad Claus that a Marlin would be way cooler to catch.  But, he reckons his school mates will not know what a Marlin is and, a shark will sound way more impressive.

We’ll all I want is to get this boy his dream fish but also to make it quick and easy so we can start to fish for Marlin ASAP!

Well, it really went like clockwork.

Put the bait rods out, get a YFT, live baited it and within 10 minutes’ hookup to a shark.

Anders gets in the chair. I was hoping for a smaller model like a Blacktip, small hammerhead or something similar. But no, we had to hook into a Zambi (Bull) which, do not do much but, do require lots of drag to subdue.

Well at 11 years old the boy really surprise me. Not only great technique (remember it’s his first time in the chair) and as I ask him to push on the drag he complied and took 45 pounds at the end with no complains….more than that would be pushing it!

He really does a great job and I just keep working the boat shallower and shallower until we go over 9-mile reef and right into the backline in 10-12 meters of water.

We get him on the leader just after an hour. But cannot cut him off as everyone wants zillion photographs and eventually this thing gets pissed off, massive pull on the tail and off he goes.

Ohhhhh, now we got to fight this thing all over again!!!

Another 20 minutes and we get him alongside again, some more pictures and videos and we send it on his way.

Marlin & Sharks – Young (11 yrs) Anders dream of releasing a large shark come through on the morning of the 2nd day, after a battle lasting almost 1h30 hours. The young boy did extremely well in the chair…
















We then light tackle and catch a nice wahoo, some YFT and a bunch of skippes.

Finally, we set the lures and within 30 minutes have one about #300 come on the flavor of the moment Magnet by pulsator but come undone on its first jump towards the boat.

Then raise a small one but get no bite out of it.

On a wide tack, we have another about #250 hookup and Claus gets in the chair.

The fish does very little and in no time, we on top of it. It then starts jumping, summersaulting and I am quite confident this time Claus will break his Marlin bad luck.

We get on him, double on the reel and as Alex is stretching to get the leader it changes direction and the hook pulls. Just insane, I guess if Alex was a tad taller he would have got that fish. Well, too bad for Claus that can´t believe his bad luck.

But that was not all the bad luck he had for the day.

Moments later we hook up to a nice YFT on the short left. As I slow down a Marlin comes knocking on the long right Magnet. I speed up again but the fish lost interest and fades.

Again, despite the bad luck great day.

We got Anders his dream shark, caught a bunch of nice gamefish and raised 4 and had two bites from Black Marlin, hooking one that we lost right by the boat. That´s 8 up in the last two half days for 5 bites and four hookups´s!



Claus lost his second Marlin in a row, this time with the double line already on the spool and the leader within a meter from the deckhand´s hand. The second day provided some great light tackle game fishing with loads of YFT, skipjack and some nice wahoo.
















Along with an early steady Marlin bite the game fish by catch has been good with some good size YFT being caught. Here´s the guys aboard Shades of Blue show a few nice ones caught in late September


















As we start our last day Claus tells me that Casper would also like to get a shark!

We look for bait in the morning but it is very dis-heartening to see that the northerly that blew the previous afternoon and throughout the night changed conditions. The water had gonne green and it just worsen throughout the day.

All the bait (YFT, skipjack and bonnies) seem to have faded. There is nothing on the surface, no birds…

Eventually we get a skipjack and we baited it for an hour and a half and nada. It’s a worry when even the sharks are not feeding. We had been working south with the current. As we get to II mile the water is even worst, so we take out the bait and put the lures and go in search of better water.

It’s nowhere to be found as we work north and even out wide in 250 meters its horrible green. The sea is a mess with a southerly swell and a northeasterly chop. It looks dead out there and possible the low pressure had also something to do with it. Big SE coming!

It does not make much sense so we get shark fishing again.

All the way to sharkville where I know we won´t fail.

Butterfly the skipjack and put it down with the big circle.

5 minutes into the first drift Casper hookup´s to his shark.

Released after a gruesome fight… on the leader!






























That´s it for a very enjoyable 3 day of Marlin and Shark fishing… now we wait for this SE to blow itself out and get out there as soon as it allows us to.




















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