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Bazaruto´s late September Marlin Bite…

Bazaruto´s late September Marlin Bite…


We just had regular Carl Jankowitz come for the first of his two, regular trips to the Bazaruto Archipelago to fish with us…. a tradition that has been going for many years, lots of stories and many found memories.

Here´s Carl´s last year trip report, when he caught the seasons first # 500 plus fish;


On his normal late September Marlin / early October trip, Louise and their three daughters, Bella, Hannah and Grace normally come along and it is always a pleasure to see the girls. This time around Anton, his brother also joined for the first couple of days and it was great to have him aboard VAMIZI once again.

We fished a total of 2 ½ days and raised a total of 9 Black Marlin, with 5 bites, 4 hookups’ and 3 releases.

We also had another two groups over that time.

The Boyce´s fishing on IBO and a regular group from Maputo that come up for the weekend and fished on Game Changer.

Here´s a brief day to day account of the action;

1st Day     

We fished most of the day around Giant´s and it was great to see beautiful looking water and heaps of bait around.

There where loads of skipjack schools and the guys had some fun throwing and catching a few of those on the light tackle spinning outfits.

There were also plenty Yellowfin tuna and caught a few of those as well…

It’s always nice to catch one on the first day and we did release a small Black for Anton and raised another.

Small but on steroids with an absolutely mental run after it inhaled the long right Marlin Magnet from Pulsator.
















The Boyce´s boy’s (father Damian and sons Michael & Justin) who were staying with us @ Anantara Bazaruto along with wife Sue and daughter Emma, started the first of their three days on the same day.

Fishing on IBO with Alex and Americo, they did not raise any Marlin but had a great day on the Game Fish catching some nice wahoo, loads of YFT and skipjack.

Regulars of ours from Maputo also staying at Bazaruto also started their first of two weekend getaway days. Fishing with Christiaan on Game Changer they had a lazy fish day raising 5 but only getting 2 bites out of small Blacks of which they only hooked one that pulled the hook very close to the boat.

Fishing out of Inhassoro and further to the north Marlin went 1 for 1 on a small Black about 150 pounds and, fishing out of Vilankulos and down south, Shades of Blue went 0 for 1.


This late September Marlin was hooked on a bait rod with a rapala aboard Game Changer. It pulled the hooks right by the boat after a real fun tussle on the light tackle…

















2nd Day

We raised 7 Marlin, had 5 bites, hooked 3 and released 2, one for each…

Peach of a day out there….

The water color was the best we have seen the all season so far and albeit less there was still plenty bait and game fish around. We got a few and Carl got a real nice YFT on the light spinning tackle.

But, back to the Marlin and this is how it all went down;

Early morning we raised one not 10 minutes after setting the lures out but got no bite out if it…..

09h33 – Get one coming on the long left…

After a few long seconds behind the lure it makes up its mind, bite and we hookup

Anton gets in the chair and bring the fish in, but not before it did some absolutely crazy jumping by the boat.

This fish literally broke the record for the highest jump we have ever seen.

1 for 1…cool!



Late September Marlin bite – We missed the good pic but did get some amazing video which we will post sometime – This small Black released by Anton Jankowitz did some world record high jumps just before being tagged on VAMIZI

















Set them up again…

Just before 10, not 5 minutes of trolling and we get an amazing crash short corner bite.

The Purple & Blue Riggler by Pulsator…

Hookup and while we clearing and after all the usual jumps the fish comes undone…



Now this is all happening in a very small area inside Giant´s.

I literally had to erase the active tracks twice during the day as just one big lump of tracks over each other.

We put a skipjack live bait out.

But, working with the current we move out of the area and after an hour with no action decide to pull it out and put the lures back in again…

Work north, back to the area and as we get in there we get two fish coming up on our right lines. The one on the Magnet just knocking it out, the small one on the Riggler just billing it….no real bite out of them!

Goes quiet for a while but at 13h35 a crash strike on the Moyes Pipe Bomb but does not find steel.

Fish comes back on the other long with the magnet and we hook up.

Carl jumps in the chair for a quick release.

We making our way back to II mile to head home when our 7th fish of the day shows up.

Finally, a nice one looking all of #600

It explodes on the long left loads up but no connection.

Putting the dacron loop on the rigger and it rip’s it out of the hands but again no hookup.

This scenario is repeated another two times.

Four bites, one from the inside out, shoulders out the water but bloody thing never hooks up!

Ohhh well…..

Great to have such a cool day for Anton´s last…

Brothers, Anton & Carl Jankowitz releasing a Black Marlin each aboard VAMIZI on the 2nd day of their late September Marlin trip…
















Fishing right where we had all the action the boys from Maputo hit gold on Game Changer and hooked a nice one they released at #650. They ended 1 for 1 seeing they had little fishing time after that as they had to be back in Vilankulos to catch their plane home just after midday. Photo credits to Christiaan Kruger


















The Boyce´s on IBO where not very lucky as they raised 5, got 3 bites and hooked two, both of which pulled the hook, one after about 20 minutes. Again, they did well on the Gamefish side and caught some wahoo, YFT and skipjack.

3rd Day – (Half Day)

Despite the very stiff NE that greeted us on the morning of the third day we headed out there alongside IBO.

As we come out the cut and in towards V-mile reef, getting it straight on did we see how severe it was. It was a maelstrom out there and for the next two hours when the swell finally started to ease up with the outgoing tide.

But, what was disheartening was that with the incoming low pressure conditions had changed and all the bait, game fish and all other surface activity had vanished.

We hooked a big fish, probably a wahoo on one of the light sticks but it come undone.

A tad north of us IBO had an amazing experience…

…but again luck was not on their side…

They had a double YFT strike on the bait rods and these started racing towards the boat. Just then a fish that Alex put around the mark showed up trying to eat one of the YFT that was by the transom. They managed to get the other YFT, rig it and shuck the big Livy back.

They say as soon as it hit the water, a few meters of the transom, this gargantuan of a fish just took it…but they missed the bite!!! They did not see one for the rest of the day but got some game fish.

Myself and Carl decided conditions where just not there and decided to come back for an early lunch at the resort.

We did get this nice wahoo on the Bonito Smoker from Pulsator, which foul hooked gave a nice rev.

Deckhand Lourenco with a nice wahoo caught on Pulsator´s Bonito Smoker aboard VAMIZI
















Lyra Nora, a 60ft plus Yacht starting around the Word tour experience some late September Marlin when going 2 for 2 on Blacks out of Inhambane just before arriving on the Bazaruto Archipelago. They then set sail for Madagascar….have a great trip and fair winds!















Some of the YFT and wahoo that made it back did not go to waste, well far from that.
Masterchef Donaldson just made some absolutely incredibly tasty sushi & sashimi….this man, the executive Chef @ Anantara just takes food to a whole new other level off and on the boat…thanks mate























September not all about Marlin and one afternoon we went to the Gap for a couple hours enjoying releasing some small kingies on the light tackle stuff. Michael & Justin Boyce with their first ever kingies!




















Back it it tomorrow


Tight lines,

Duarte A. M. Rato

Sportfishing Charters @ Vilankulos & Bazaruto Archipelago


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