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African Billfish, BMWC and available slot at Baz

African Billfish
African Billfish – Two Sailfish take a scooter ride to nearest fish market in Pemba – northern Mozambique!

How´s this beauty of a picture of African Billfish.

Taken in Pemba, northern Mozambique two sailfish take a scooter ride to the fish market!

Check this past post out on all the out of season juvenile Marlin along Mozambique´s coastline;


Short Baz update

Once again, it seems this year the African Billfish have once again forgotten to look at the calendar. Despite hardly anyone targeting them outside the Season and as reported in the last few posts Marlin have been seen and caught regularly right into the winter months, showing just how versatile the fishing at Bazaruto is, with a serious chance to target these fish year-round.

Just a few days ago Veleiro had a nice Black on their light sailfish tackle which parted after a 2-hour tussle and yesterday Spanish Fly missed one about 500 on a live bait out of V mile.

Otherwise fishing as been good & solid and as is normal for the time of year, good numbers of YFT above average size are being caught as well as some big cuta – including this proper one of 32kg´s caught on a live jube jube a few days ago.



Congratulations to Capt. Manuel Viana and his team aboard the Blue Hunter in Cape Verde with their 1 053-pound Blue – winner of the 2021 Blue Marlin World Cup.

What makes this catch even more remarkable is that only 35 days before the same boat and crew had weighted another grander at 1 162 pounds.

After La Onda Milla´s 964-pound fish last year, this is the Cape Verde´s second straight win on the BMWC.

An African Billfish takes the BMWC.
For the second consecutive time the Cape Verdes takes the Blue Marlin World Cup, this time with a 1053-pound fish taken aboard the Blue Hunter.


Bazaruto Heavy tackle Marlin Season

It’s all looking good for the heavy tackle Marlin Season here @ Bazaruto and, all going well we will start it at the end of August and pretty much back to back until mid-December.

However, due to a recent cancellation we do have a slot available from the 27th September to the 5th of October 2021.

Anyone interested in taking those dates or a part of it please contact us @

This year the resort is offering great discount all-inclusive rates including complimentary boat transfers to the Island and we have a nurse on site and provide COVID tests results within 24 hours at the resort.

So yeah, come join us for some great fun & epic fishing…

African Billfish – Join us for a chance at a BIG Black Bazaruto Marlin this coming season. One slot available left for the season from the 27th of September to the 5th of October 2021.


African Billfish – A nice Bazaruto Black Marlin takes to the air…


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