You are currently viewing Malcolm & James first Marlin – early December ´21

Malcolm & James first Marlin – early December ´21

Malcolm & James first Marlin – early December ´21

On the 30th of September we had Duncan MacGregor join us for the next four days and along with him was his son James and friend Malcom Deacon, both looking for their first Marlin.

Duncan was with us in November 2019 and had caught his first Marlin, a good one at that which we put down at #700 pounds.

If you read the last two post the last few days in November had been on fire for Vamizi and we a few nice one´s to #750 in the mix but the water had gone up a tad and we could start to see end of season conditions, come our way.


We had been mostly fishing up the top and mostly in the middle so, and because it was such a good tide for it decided to go down south to the canyon to have a look. It was the wrong decision as we found exceedingly warm water with a green tint to it and an absolutely sterile ocean around us completely.

Did not see a bird or bait for the all day.

The next day we found water 1.7c degree’s colder so obviously there was a very warm body of water that pushed in. Against wind and current not much we could do but plug it along and look forward to the next day.

The next day we went the opposite way!

We started at lighthouse and there was plenty of bait around.

A completely different scenario to yesterday.

We quickly got some bonnies and baited them for an hour and a half, eventually get taxed and Malcolm brings in the Dusky for a release.

We put the dead baits out and as we are about to change to lures half way to Sailfish Bay and with the line out the clip and Alex pulling it in we get a marlin bite on the swim bait- As expected that did not go well.

We work the lures down south and at 9 Mile find some flotsam and good dorado action on the lures and then on the spinning tackle.
James one of a few dorado we caught around 9-mile reef when we found some flotsam in the water, really cool action and beautiful fish…and delicious.


As we moved south the water got warmer and warmer so after yesterday´s experience we moved back up and decided to work around Sailfish bay.

Worked the lures back up north against the current and when I get to the north of the area, we put the dead baits out.

20 minutes later we get a bite on the swim bait.

Not a monster but first Marlin for Malcom , who was quiet impressive in the chair for a first timer, well done!

½ Mission accomplished!
Malcom´s Deacon first Marlin ever, not a monster but who cares we worked hard for that fish and finally got it….the joy on his face his priceless!
Well done mate….and you were a star in the chair too!

The next day was blowing a tad from the North so we decided to start at V mile and had a good bait session there with some quennie´s, torpedo scads and bonnies. There where cuta jumping all over the place but hard to get, we had one on the spoon that bite through the mono leader.

Water was very green there so we put the lures and worked north.

At Sailfish we put the baits out and worked there for an hour and had a sailfish come buzz our bait rod.

Put the lures again and worked north as I wanted to finish upon north with the incoming tide.

It looked good and we worked the dead baits there for the last 3 hours. Loads of skipjack around and good albeit warm water but we did not raise one.

The 4th of December was the boys last day and although we had gotten Malcolm his fish it was still a half a mission as we had to get James one.

Started up north at Alladins and it was on fire and twice we had all four bait rods go on bonnies.

That was enough bait so put two in the tubes and run a but south as the area had green water die to the outgoing.

Put them out and within 10 minutes have a nice fish looking about #600 come on the short bait.

He was there for ages but finally took it and we hooked up…

…or so we tough!

James gets in the chair to fight his first Marlin.

The fish does not do much so we turn and pick up line.

With the double out the water and the leader about 10 meters away the fish spits the bait!

We bring it back and see the circle had gone into the bait on the bite so obviously she was just holding on to it!


We work the baits another hour and then decide to put the lures and go out wide for a few hours and the tide change.

At around 10h30 right on the tide change we have a Blue crash the long left Xpress and immediately jump and come undone!


We worked south and come in at Sailfish Bay to work the dead baits.

An hour into it, 13h14 on the clock and we get the usual insane bite on the skip bait and come tight.

James gets in the chair to fight his first Marlin for the third time that day.

Nice looking fish and lots of jumping and fun.

Again, James did an absolute magnificent job on the chair and we get the fish for the release.

She was probably a bit bigger than that but went down as #400

Mission Accomplished!


James MacGregor first Marlin which we estimated north of #400 pounds put a great show for us and was the cherry on top for a great trip with really nice guys. Really hope to get you guys a gap next year!





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