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Marlin fishing with Strenue off San Sebastian w

Green water marlin on board Strenue at San Sebastian

Green water Marlin on board Strenue at San Sebastian

Green water marlin on board Strenue at San Sebastian: We have just had a day and a half down south at San Sebastian with Warren on his beauty ButtCat Strenueand despite the short time and extremely difficult conditions we got one out of two in what can be called Green water Marlin!

After Carl´s Jankowitz great trip (which you can see at this link) where we raised a total of 12 the northerly wind combined with some current finally took its toll and the water became completely green, really bad!

On the 6th went across to Vilankulos and Warren´s beautiful place at Linene.

Just love the place, the boat and especially the short 8-minute runs to the fishing grounds.

1 October 2022

We started just before 6am and found absolutely horrible green water and 23.9c…. we pulled a few lives, then pulled the lures for a while and got a wahoo for some awesome carpaccio that night and just before 10 settled on the dead baits.

Carpacio ala Chef Torres

It’s not all about catching green water Blue Marlin but also about fun, laughts, some drinks and great food and Chef Torres here with Warren makes sure of that. He makes a mean wahoo carpaccio and ceviche and seafood to die for…

It looks a tad better, but still horrible from 130 meters and deeper which what many find surprising is exceedingly deep for Blacks in these grounds.

We tacked Strenue between 120 to 200 meters outside the pinnacles and, looking at the green water, miraculous at 11h13 outside number 1 had a fish come on the skip bait, clip it out the rigger, ignore it, go for the swim and we…

…hooked up!

Warren got in the chair but when he saw it was a small fish very kindly told Charlie (one of his deckhands – Justino had already released a 350 back in November) to get in the chair for his first ever Marlin.

Warren took the leader, Justino tagged the fish and another little one in the bag and once again and despite terrible conditions and the short time we got another aboard Strenue!

Charlie gets a marlin of about 100 onboard Strenue off San Sebastian. Lots of fun at this size, next time he says he will use a fly rod.
Charlie gets a marlin of about 100 onboard Strenue off San Sebastian. Lots of fun at this size, next time he says he will use a fly rod.

First Marlin for Charlie in green water and on the swim bait…

The next day we got on the boat at 6h02, put the bait rods out, got a bonnie and had it out at 6h15.


That bait lasted 10 minutes before a big great hammerhead took it and Warren had some heavy drag and serious early morning stretching to bring it for the release by 6h30!

Water still looked horrible and after catching a bludger kingfish we decided to put the lures and head out wide to the Blue Spot and see what he looked like.

Disappointingly it still looked horrible in 400 meters of water.

We only had a morning session as Warren and the Strenue crew had to drop me off at Anantara Bazaruto so we pulled the lures in a straight line. The further north we went the worst it got.

Then there was a better patch outside Benguerra, but still horrible but there at 11h30 we raised one on the teaser, had a look at the Pipe Bomb and the settled for the Magnet on the long right and off to the races.

Despite being a 200-pound fish, this think took of like crazy and there was some admin on board before we could turn and chase and by this time it had spooled half the reel.

Only to come off!!!

I am quite sure this fish was foul-hooked somewhere, most likely on the dorsal…

Nice way to finish it off and great times with Warren…

Today we have a blowout and SE winds which we praying will better the conditions and we have Pablo from Uruguay for the next 8 days.

All in all, we have done a total of 14 Marlin days so far and released 11 out of 22 bites and 14 hookupº´s… (the lures messing up the hookup ratio there)!!!!

Not bad seeing it has been difficult and some Marlin in green water…

Looked what popped up on my FB memories this morning!!!

Looked what popped up on my FB memories this morning!!!

This pig of a fish we caught this day the 8th October six years ago with Emmet O´Brien.

What a fish man, and what a story.

We had big YFT live bait and making our way back shallow (42m) of II-mile reef.

I woke up Emmet as it was 15h30 or should I say beer O´clock, say cheers to everyone on the fleet on the VHF and told Alberto to bring in the bait.

With the double 2 meters from the rod tip we get this absolute mental bite (with the sun from behind it was quiet a site) and hookup.

Mental 2 hours until we got the leader right at sunset and let her go on what I called 999 lbs but believe was more like #1100 fish….

San Sebastian and Strenue in the Sunrise

“Thank you Duarte for yet another great video and post!” – Sean

Keep checking back at and The Sardine News for more of this action. Get in touch to join us out there.


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