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Gamefish, Sailfish & Marlin on Jam Packed

Gamefish, Sailfish & Marlin on Jam Packed

Gamefish, Sailfish & Marlin on Jam Packed: Just had a few great day´s aboard Wayne´s Hollard JAM PACKED, a 32ft magnum out of Inhassoro where we target different species every day and excelled at it every single time.

It’s nice when a plan comes together!

Pretty much the same as last year when Wayne´s son Jordan first caught his personal best cuta and wahoo along with many others and also his first fish on popper. Then he wanted to catch his first Sailfish which we caught on day number tree on a pitch bait straight of the bat, along with a few others for the day. Our last day we suggested we go out wide and certainty enough we caught the lad his first ever Marlin.

Here´s the link on that trip exactly a year ago…

Jordans best Wahoo gamefish
Jordans best Wahoo

Jordan´s personal best wahoo

This time it was Wayne along with regular crew Greg (from Shagstix) and Wayne and also Theo and Rory.

Another gamefish on popper with
Another gamefish on popper with

What a great bunch of guys and so much fun to fish with and have some lekker dopes back at the lodge in the evening – once again great food and vibe at Derek´s Cashew Bay Lodge.

Game Fish

The first day the boys fished light tackle, mostly slow trolling cuta baits and were rewarded with seven nice cuta, green jobfish and few other odds and ends – not fireworks but certainly some quality fish and excellent for the pot! We had a few different fish species for supper that night along with crayfish, but the buttered fish was so good I did not even touch the crayfish!!!

Crayfish at Inhassoro´s Cashew Bay Lodge – outstanding food every day we come back from fishing which is a real treat…

Blue Marlin

Everyone wants to come to Bazaruto to catch Marlin during September to early December but we say it again and again – mid April to late June is a great time for Blues it’s just difficult getting guys to come for them.

We have now had 14 days out wide, in the last month or so, a lot of them only for 3 to 4 hours and have had Marlin bites every single outing, most times more than one and up to 5!

The second day we started around 9am, set the lures shallow but headed straight out wide to the area we call the Blue Spot out of Sailfish Bay.

Hour and a half into it and we have a small lazy one come up on the long right knock it off and fade away.

Then it was a long wait until the tide change at 13h40 but then they come on the bite!

Again, on the long left, but this time a crash bite and we hooked up.

Like they do the fish went mental after strike with some insane jumps and greyhounds.

Rory was our designated angler and made short work on this bill less Blue which we released.

15 minutes later we get another bite, this time on another small lazy one which never hooked up – again on the right long.

Then the last fish of the day was the only one that did not come on the right long Kahawai from Bonze lures but rather on our short left – great bite and we on!

This was a much better fish and started peeling line like butter.

Greyhounding across the ocean like no tomorrow, changing directions and unfortunetly in the middle of the mayhem the hook pulled.

Yeah, rubber hook syndrome but four fish in the supposedly off season – not too shabby!

We recently got a couple Bonze lures sent to us by mh_fishing_tackle.

The Violator needs no introduction as a rough weather short bait lure or teaser and she is known to raise in some XXXL models.

However, Charles Hayter also sent the rather small Kahawai, a plunger with rainbow runner skirts he said he had good luck with in our waters. The first time we put it out was a couple weeks ago. We had two days where the fish where firing. The third day we had a very slow morning so about midday decided to rig it and put it out! Must have been all but 10 minutes when she got pounded by a Black Marlin and about 20 minutes later it got bit again! Then we put her out again when we went wide on Jam packed this week and she got 3 out of the 4 Blue Marlin bites we had for the day!

1 from 4 on Blue Marlin on this billl less one…. they much easier to hook when they don’t have that long bill ????

Rory enjoying a 2M after a big day out on the ocean
Rory – enjoying an ice cold 2M after a day on the Ocean aboard Jam Pack
Ive been on this boat!
Ive been on this boat!

Theo and Rory – going ashore on the small dhingy which with Inhassoro´s shore break is always an adventure! Gamefish, Sailfish & Marlin on Jam Packed!


icon_10_generic_list.pngSailfish Vamizi.jpg

We only started fishing at 11am on our third day and what a half day it turned out to be.

The wind was breezy from the NW so we decided we would fish light tackle inshore close to the Island for some protection and try for some sailfish.

We set the spread – basically two longs and a shotgun with small iland lures / ballyhoo combination with J-hooks and then two teasers and stand by circle hooked rigged ballyhoo pitch baits on spinning tackle.

The day started fast as we raised our first sailfish within five minutes but no hookup.

But then it went really slow and for an hour or so we only had a bus wahoo out of Nhangosse that we lost right by the boat. We turned around and as we got to lighthouse area again, they come on.

It must have been around 1pm when we had our first pack attack!!! Chaos…

The boys had short to none experience with the pitching but ended up doing quite well. As they do, what really hurt our hookup ratio where the J-hooks on the longs but what a fun afternoon.

Lost count how many we raised and most time it was pack attacks with a whole bunch of fish. Exciting to see them come right up to the transom blindly following those teasers.

The last one we caught was already quite late, about 4pm. Wayne had already said let’s turn and started heading back. I just went a tad further to go over the north end of Aladdin’s and was we turned on it bang we hooked up – released that one and head home!

We ended releasing 6 from 14 bites and 8 hookups´s…or something around there!!!

Cool day and once again the beers were flowing on the way back…

Most Sailfish we released where good sized one´s with the biggest probably just around 45 kilos.jpg

Double up – Rory with a pitch baited sailfish out of a double up we hooked on yet another pack attack!

It is smack bang in the middle of the sailfish run out off of Vilankulos at the moment
It is smack bang in the middle of the sailfish run out off of Vilankulos at the moment
Get in touch with Duarte at to get your saily
Get in touch with Duarte at to get your saily

Last Day

Our last day was again a short one and unfortunately, we not only had a rubber hook syndrome, a bunch of bad luck but then when the wind turned to the South pumping at about 20 knots around 20 knots at 1pm the bite shut down completely!

Again, it was a late start and slow to start with.

The first hour we raised a sailfish on a teaser that would not switch, broke of one we hooked and then raised another one that did not switch. Caught a nice wahoo!

Then as the sea went completely flat before the wind shifted, they come on but not biting like yesterday…we just could not make the most of it – missed a bunch of them on the J´s but also on the pitch. Then hooked two out of a pack attack and one spit the J hook and the other the circle right by the boat. We also caught a dorado and a cuta.

Then the wind changed and they switched off – we did not see another thing for two hours so made an early run home!

But, what a great 4 days on Gamefish, Sailfish & Marlin on Jam Packed!!!


The 32ff Two Oceans Marine Magnum JAM PACKED proudly flying some flags while chilling on her mooring by sunset… she produced us some good Gamefish, Sailfish & Marlin of Bazaruto on her beautiful stable platform.


Acrobatic blue marlin with
Acrobatic blue marlin with

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