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Custom-made Moyes Lures & Bazaruto Helicopter ride

Custom-made Moyes Lures & Bazaruto Helicopter ride…

Andy Moyes’ custom lures are some of the most beautiful and precise hand-crafted lures on the market today and most importantly they catch a shit lot of BIG fish…

I met Andy back in 2013 when he and Steph Choate joined Kevin Hodgson aboard his game boat BIG BOB for a couple week´s fishing at Bazaruto sometime in October – peak Season in the area for Giant Black Marlin.

It was their first fishing day and I remember I had a lay day and had come across the bay to see the wife and my 9-month-old boy – about 11am I got a call from Kevin saying they had just boated a real nice that got tail wrapped and were on the way in to weigh her!

She went 1 018 pounds and that night I joined them all aboard Kevin´s mothership QUO VADIS and we had a hell of a party and amazingly and for someone who most runs a dead bait program they had caught their biggest fish at Bazaruto this little Andy Moyes Kaiwi lure… just showing that when they have the look´s “elephants really do eat peanuts.”-…

That might have been the first grander caught on his lures but a few more followed the most well-known is Jada´s Holt 1,305-pound Blue Caught off Ascension Island with Capt. Bryan Toney and Capt.Olaf Grimkowski on the Moyes XL Pushermen lure, now aptly rename the 1305!

The Pipe Bomb is another one of Andy´s lures that has seen its share of really big fish and I was first introduced to it when I fished on Tim Richardson´s Tradition on the GBR – in the rare instances we pulled lures she was the first to get in and we got a few good one´s on it.

That tube is so well balanced you can run it in fairly choppy weather and it has since caught us some good fish at Bazaruto. So as the large J-Boy which was our best teaser in Cape Verde in 2018…

Well, Andy just sent us a bunch of his beauty’s (and there´s more coming) – surely can’t wait to run them during the upcoming Bazaruto Marlin Season…

Thank you, Andy, @



Here ‘some more info on Andy and his lures;


The Moyes XL Pushermen (top), renamed 1305 after it caught a new female World Record Blue Marlin with that weight @ Ascension Island is a great short bait that performs well in all weather and caught us a number of fish when in Madeira in 2018.

That same year the Large J-Boy (Bottom) was our best teaser on Blue Marlin for the two months and a half we fished Cape Verde!!!

The Pipe Bomb is a heavily weighted tube that performs really well in calm to rough weather, and one´s got to really take the hat off to a tube performing as well as it does in choppy seas! She´s seen her fair share of nice fish of the Bazaruto Archipelago.

The Blaster, The J Boy and the Kaiwi lure (bottom) which caught Stephanie Choate’s grander Black Marlin at Bazaruto in 2013 – yup elephants do eat peanuts!!!

GIANT BLACK MARLIN BIG BLACK MARLIN takes to the air on the Bazaruto´s Archipelago´s offshore waters…

Heli ride for the boys

I have been fortunate enough to have been on loads of helicopter rides all over the coastline and although some of them were truly spectacular none gave as much joy as seeing my kid’s excitement as they went on a Bazaruto helicopter ride…

What a treat and adventure for the young lads…

Thank you so much Mummy for organizing, Megan Bosch for flying them and Wildlife Helicopters for the great experience #wild_heli

And watch a quick video right here…

Seeing the Bazaruto Archipelago by Heli is a truly remarkable experience and we now offer our guests coming to fish the archipelago the chance to do their transfers across to the island on Helicopter if they wish so…


The Heavy Tackle Season is at our doorstep anyone wishing to join us we only have two slots left available at the peak;

18th to 21st September on VAMIZI

20th to 24th November on IBO

For more information or to book the trip of a lifetime targeting Giant Black Marlin get in touch on:


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Phone & WhatsApp: + 258 84 639 0466

Giant Black Marlin with
Giant Black Marlin with

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