You are currently viewing Bazaruto 9 October 2023 Marlin Season Report

Bazaruto 9 October 2023 Marlin Season Report

Bazaruto 9 October 2023 Marlin Season Report

Bazaruto 9 October 2023 Marlin Season Report: Jamie and Ann Nance had come to Bazaruto this time last year but thinking that boats would be available they had not pre booked, but obviously being peak season, they could not get one and sure enough he immediately booked with us for a 11 day stay and 6 fishing days.

Fishing on IBO with Christiaan Kruger they got a small Black out of a double on their first day right at the end of the day.

Jamie had invited Howard, who he had been hunting with in SA for the past three weeks, to join them for a few days and it was Howard´s turn in the chair and his first ever Marlin.

Bazaruto 9 October 2023 Marlin Season Report

A couple days later they went out wide and this time it was Jamie turn in the chair. They missed a Blue but shortly after a #300-pound fish inhaled the Marlin Magnet by #pulsatorlures and this time the hook stuck and they released the fish.


Then the next day they literally hit gold.

After a few days out we were also back fishing and we had spoken and our plan was to go out wide once again seeing the water color on the normal Black marlin shallow grounds left a lot to be desired.

Anyway, we both started with a short bait session at V mile where we got a bunch of quennies, scads and a nice queen mackerel.

Going deeper we both got a nice live bait so we decided to give it a go before going wide!

Our skipjack did not last more than 10 minutes before being taxed and Carl had to catch that one…

However, IBO had a small Yellowfin tuna live bait and that one lasted a while longer but it finally got bit after about 30 minutes. No one saw the bite as the bait was deep and what followed was the slow heavy monotonous pull and sound of yet another taxman.

Except that moments later she woke up and started screaming off and came to the top and the guys were greeted with a #700 Black coming right out the water.

Absolute beautiful fish that, as you can see by this ic by Christiaan, had the girth and body of a Blue and the head of a Black.

What a way to start the day…

Bazaruto 9 October 2023 Marlin Season Report

A #700-pound Black for Jamie´s Nance first fishing trip to Bazaruto, beautiful looking fish, almost like a hybrid with the girth all the way down, body of a Blue and head of a Black!

That´s what a lot of YFT for breakfast will do to you ????

We finally went wide and we on Vamizi had a really unlucky day, we found them but…

The first one was right at 9am and come on the short corner Riggler by #pulsatorlures

The #300 fish started taking drag in gulps and we immediately saw there was something wrong and as it changed direction the hook pulled, obviously a nose job!

A tad later had a small one come on the large J Boy from #moyesbiggame then it faded to the long left but we never got a bite out of it.

Finally, a better fish looking probably just shy of #500 pounded on the long-left Xpress and off we went.

The fish screamed off as only Blues can do, Carl got settled in the chair we cleared and started to turn and chase when the fish changed direction all the time greyhounding, doubled back on itself so quickly we could not do anything and jumped on the line breaking us off.

Shit happens!!!

Ohhh well…


Pics from a #300 Blue caught aboard IBO by Jamie Nance with Christiaan Kruger on the wheel and the camera!

Well, the next day after the blow it was disappointing to get out there and see green water – we obviously had high hopes that the big SE would sort it out as it normally does but the water was green in the shallow grounds.

It was still blowing a stiff South-easterly and proper choppy but after an hour and a half pulling the baits, we made the call and went out wide.

It was slow going and even out deep and despite there being thousands of flying fish the water still looked very average out there but…

Just after the turn of the tide IBO had a nice-looking fish about 4-500 pounds take their long right Marlin magnet by #pulsatorlures and take off at warp speed.

Unfortunately, the hook pulled right after…

We started making our way back and we had our turn when we got a crash bite on the same lure on VAMIZI and hooked up. The fish never jumped or ran a lot after the take so it kept some good moves and great jumps by the boat before we released it…

Not long after we see a small fish tailing to our port side and seconds later one comes up on the long left and then another on the long right.

Both real small fish…

…and both really lazy, despite the one on the left being there for well over a minute we never got a bite out of it.

Carl Jankowitz released a Blue and raised another two (double) on his last fishing day for this trip as he will be back for another 11 fishing days at the end of October…

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