You are currently viewing And the satellite tag goes into a 750 black marlin by Gazza Crabbe

And the satellite tag goes into a 750 black marlin by Gazza Crabbe

And the satellite tag goes into a 750 black marlin by Gazza Crabbe

And the satellite tag goes into a 750 black marlin by Gazza Crabbe:

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Here´s the next post…. with the two videos, one of the boats in the morning, the fish call and the one catching the fish…



Featured Pic: 750 lbs Black Marlin for Gazza Crabbe´s first Marlin and what an epic fish it was!

Day One

There was a light northerly blowing as we started out of V mile early morning trying to catch Queenies for swim baits. We caught one but then spotted some birds further out.

There and the Yellowfin tuna were busting all over!

Got one on the bait rod which was badly hooked and another on the spinning tackle with the GT ice cream and went out to bait that one.

Twenty minutes later we see a hammerhead coming from afar – quickly pulling the livie but this thing was coming with a vengeance and got hold of the bait meters from the boat. Luckily, we did not hook up and went back inside looking for more lives.

Caught a bunch of bonnies which we kept for swim baits and then finally got 2 Yellowfin and out we went again.

Half an hour later we raised one on the long bait, took a swipe at it but missed it. Was there for a while and 5 minutes later came on the bait again but got no bite out of it.

Then that same bait was hammered by a hammerhead and an hour later we got a wahoo coming and cutting out the last live bait.

Move on to the dead baits…

Just before that our second boat IBO hooked up on the swim to the inside of us and released a 200-pound fish for Paul. The previous day he got a 300 for Peter, so the guys were on a roll with two fish in as many days.

Peter and Paul from Canada joined us for 4 fishing days aboard IBO with Christiaan Kruger with Peter releasing this #300 on the first day and Paul a #200 on the second.

300 for Peter Allen
300 for Peter Allen

We worked the area and finally just before 1pm had a small fish on the swim but there was no pick up. Moments later we saw a free jumper and worked that area on the south of Sailfish Bay for a good while.

Just before the tide I decided to move a tad south and work 9 mile, an area that has been so good to us in the past few seasons.

13h44, I am on the radio with Christiaan looking back at the bonito skip bait when…


An absolute explosion on it.

Crazy bite with the fish crashing it shoulders out the water from the inside out and then turning with the tail coming completely out the water.

Gazza jumped in the chair and the next 32 minutes were completely insane.

This fish was right up there in the most fun list… never went down but crazy runs and jumps on the surface but every time we got on top of it just dived enough to be out of reach. Twice we had the leader within a meter or so but it just took off again and more jumps and crazy stuff!

This thing had all the tricks in the book, jumps, direction changes and all other schemes, almost cutting us off once when we had in on the starboard and he just jumped ahead and changed direction – what fun driving on this and Gazza was right there picking up line at all the paces I need him to and putting the drag where it needed to be, right up there.

What a great job he did…

We got the leader after 20 minutes or so but could not hold it. Got it again a few minutes later and 32 minutes after the leader had let her go supporting a PSAT Satellite Tag.

Enjoy the picture show…

Hi fives all round – at #750 it was the biggest fish anyone in the group had ever seen and some had not even seen a Marlin. What a fish for your first and great experience!!!

Fishing aboard VAMIZI, the 21st of October produced a Gazza´s Crabbe first ever Marlin estimated at #750. The fish was caught on a bonito skip bait in under half an hour and was tagged with a PSAT Satellite Tag.

It was probably the best water we have seen this season which has had very average conditions and the algae bloom we spoke about on our previous reports and the small fleet had a good day week.

That specific day

IBO got a 200 on swim bait at sailfish 60m

Cujo from @cashewbaysportfishingmoz released a a Striped Marlin

Aladdin’s got one up north

Small Black Marlin caught aboard Aladdin’s on the 21st October 2023 offshore Bazaruto Island.

Striped marlin are also at the Bazaruto party
Striped marlin are also at the Bazaruto party

A Striped Marlin about to be released aboard the 32ft magnum Cujo

Little guy released aboard VAMIZI on a lure

The previous day had also seen the small fleet have some success with Veleiro getting the best fish, an estimated 550-pound Black down south which was also tagged with a PSAT Satellite tag.

IBO released a #200, Cujo a #200 on a lure out wide and we aboard VAMIZI released a sailfish and missed a small Black that got all the leader wrapped up on the bite on the bonito live bait.

There have been a number of Sailfish around, mostly caught in the shallows while looking for live bait.

Learn all about the tagging program that is involved with right here…

Before that we had one of those days where they would just not stick and went 0 from 3, pulling the hooks on one on a lure and then missing one on the swim and the other on the skip bait.

Happy Hooker released a small one on a live bait, IBO lost a nice fish and Blue Runnings out wide went 2 from 4 on Blues out wide, initially missing two but then tagging two out of a double.

All in all, some pretty good blue water conditions and some fish being seen and caught by the fleet this last week. Hope it persists as we go into the end of October which should certainly (hopefully) see some more BIG fish on the grounds so good luck to everyone fishing out there!

We been having some by catch on some wahoo and Yellowfin (the one´s we don’t use for bait) and Chef´s Mutsa and Carlos been turning into some yummy masterpiece´s – the sushi, sashimi, carpaccio and ceviche has been in top form!

Beautiful UW pic from Aaron on a Black they released this week…

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