You are currently viewing And a 650lb Black Marlin for Anton Jankowitz
650lb Black Marlin for Anton Jankowitz

And a 650lb Black Marlin for Anton Jankowitz

And a 650lb Black Marlin for Anton Jankowitz

And a 650lb Black Marlin for Anton Jankowitz: Got our good friend and regular Carl Jankowitz and his brother Anton and friend Andrew come with him for the first of his 9 days and we got a nice #650 Black for Anton Jankowitz yesterday!

It’s been better conditions, the best water we have had this season and all the boats getting into some action this last week. We missed a few small ones but at least the ones that stuck were decent and happy with a back-to-back #750 and #650.

Andrew had first fished with us in 2017 and hooked his first Marlin within 10 minutes of fishing which we released almost 2 hours later at 1100 pounds – so Anton was in the chair!

The first two days with Carl, Anton and Andrew were slow and not much bait around…we missed one about 300 on a lure and then another on the swim bait.

Then yesterday we had a slow start and Carl, Anton, Andrew and myself all felt a tad fragile after the previous night´s bokke´s winning celebrations.

It came on in the afternoon!

At 12h30, we raised one about #500 on the skip, it then followed the swim for ages, eventually whacking but no pick up.

Then we had a real small fish, probably no more than 60 pounds, try to eat the rather large skip bait four times. Hilarious to see, it eventually went for the swim, got all wrapped up and jumped off.

Just after 2pm an amazing bite on the skip bait…

Like really epic and this one stuck.

Anton, who had last caught one with us almost 15 years ago got in the chair and we got this thing on the leader in 22 minutes. Hard fighting deep fish and had to sunset it at the end to get her up.

Really cool stuff and Anton´s biggest to date…

650lb Black Marlin for Anton Jankowitz
650lb Black Marlin for Anton Jankowitz

Anton´s biggest Marlin to date which we caught on a skip bait aboard VAMIZI and estimated at around #650…

All the fleet getting some nice fish, here´s a few pics…

Salt Shaker 700 - 28.10
Salt Shaker 700 – 28.10

Our good friend Eugene had an epic first day on the water aboard the Salt Shaker this season on the 28th October going 2 from 3 with a 200 and a 700, both caught on a lure. On the same day Veleiro also caught a similar size fish in a YFT live bait which they put a satellite tag in.

Our good friend Roger MacDonald was here with his boat Alladin´s for a few days and they did well catching a few including a nice one…

Black marlin going bezerk off Bazaruto Island in Mozambique

Cujo which used to be Jam Packed was recently bought by Aaron Simser and is operating out of Cashew Bay lodge in Inhassoro and they got some nice fish and pics the last few days…

Thanks for the pics Aaron…

There were some more fish caught by the fleet last few days including a #450 for Lady Lula and some fish by Vamos and some other

Peter and Paul from Canada fished aboard our second boat IBO and released 3 in their four fishing days with Christiaan Kruger, finishing on the 24th of October. Here’s some good Marlin porn from their day´s…

Bob Marlin shirts

The Bob Marlin performance shirts are designed with uniquely developed ultra-lightweight polyester stretch fabric, maximum air permeability to stay cool, UPF 50 + for skin protection, and are water/stain repellent. They are the best so get in touch if you want to order one…

1,145 lbs

1145 lbs
1145 lbs

So stoked for Capt. Chris Mowad, who I fished along with 7 years ago when he was on the deck on the Tradition on the GBR. Could not have happened to a nicer guy…

New Alabama State Record and the Gulf of Mexico Record.Orange Beach, AL on the best Trait.

That’s it for this week, now we got a big SE blowing but hopefully back out there soon to hook some more nice one´s…

Tight lines…


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