You are currently viewing 3 From 3 epic black marlin fishing for Carl, Louwtjie and Peter
Epic Black Marlin fishing bite off Bazaruto Island this 2023

3 From 3 epic black marlin fishing for Carl, Louwtjie and Peter

3 From 3 epic black marlin fishing for Carl, Louwtjie and Peter

3 From 3 epic black marlin fishing for Carl, Louwtjie and Peter: Hey Sean, Here´s the next post….Cheers, Duarte

What a great way to finish the trip going 3 from 3 for Carl, Lowtjie and Peter and raising another two for the day!

This is a well-known gang and a few years back I actually wrote a story / post which was aptly named the Grander Club as each one of these gentlemen have caught one or more granders with us aboard VAMIZI but the most amazingly thing is that both Lowtjie´s and Andrew´s first fish where both estimated at well over the mark!

Yes, their first MARLIN!!!

Now, Carl´s second trip of the season was 11 days long and divided in two.

The first few days he had his brother Anton and friend Andrew with him and we got a nice one about #650 on a skip bait for Anton which we reported before…

Then Carl had a few days on his own but unfortunately the weather man had other ideas and we were land stuck for a few days while this low-pressure system blew itself out with some rain in the mix.

On the positive side the blow did bring some amazing looking water with it which greeted us when we finally made it out there this time already with Peter and Louwtjie on board.

Saturday, the 4th of November started with high hopes after having a slow day on the 3rd.

There had been a good bite in the early morning and everyone who had live bait managed to get one around us. We were the only ones unlucky to have our live YFT bait sharked!

IBO released a #300 for Nick Mount´s first hour on his first day which was great. We had met Nick during the 2010 Marlin Invitational at Bazaruto Lodge (when Carl got the 1 098 lbs mentioned in the Grander Club story above) and he had booked with us before COVID. Because of the Pandemic and then other issues he could only make it this year and fished with Christiaan and being the great guy and very enthusiastic it was great seeing him release a fish so early in the trip.

Epic marlin fishing off Bazaruto right now...
Epic marlin fishing off Bazaruto right now…

Nick Mount with a 300 pound fish caught on the first hour of his first day aboard IBO on a live bait!

Video’s coming shortly…ah…here it is finally!

Nick Mount’s 350

Veleiro had also released a little one early morning next to us and down south Spanish Fly let a 500 go and up north Wonder a 400-pound fish. But after that initial early morning bite it went dead!

Another day…

We started the day at V mile looking for bait and it was chaos – everything was feeding and cuta were darting out the water like crazy!

We got some cuta, bonnies and rainbow runners, all great skip baits but they tried but failed to get any YFT for live bait.

I was really getting the itch to put the baits out as I wanted to get the tide change so at 8 gave up on the live bait chasing and put the dead baits out.

Fifteen minutes later I told Alex to change the big swim quennie as it was swimming good but a tad on its side so bring it in for maintenance and put another one out.

Insanely as his bringing in the quennie and is between the transom and the skip a fish comes up on the skip, misses it and then comes for the quennie right there. Great drop by Alex and we hook and Carl brought in the fish for a release…

Nice to catch one 15 minutes after setting them up!

We had a reverse current and at 9 mile raised one on the swim but no bite out of it, little guy!

Around 11 I made the decision to go north so as to get the tide change up there.

So, we switched to the lures to make our way and in 10 minutes the hunch proved right!

Hookup on the short left!

Louwtjie was in the chair this time and we released another one.

Once we got up north, we switched to the baits once more and exactly on the tide change got a bite on the swim again and we hooked up!

Love it when a plan comes together!

This time it was Peter in the chair and this #300-pound fish was a deep dodging fish.

It kept swimming out and deep and we had very little control.

I told the guys something was wrong and worse she was swimming straight to two anchored dhows bottom fishing just to the outside of us.

I was really worried it was going to get tangled on their anchor lines and it got so close we had to ask the guys on the dhows to get their handlines out which they very kindly obliged!

Eventually and at almost full drag we got her up and to the leader.

As expected, it was wrapped around the body, literally lassoed around – no wonder we had little control!

Third fish for the day.

Everyone on board got one!

Late afternoon we had another one on the swim once again but no bite.

3 from 3 and raised another 2, not bad for a day´s fishing!

3 from 3 for Carl, Louwtjie and Peter

Not much else on all the boats on the day except for Baz Explorer which got a nice one…

Baz Explorer with a nice one…

Here´s a few more pics from the last few days!

Salt Shaker revelling in the epic Black Marlin fishing bit off Bazaruto Island this 2023

Our good friend Eugene aboard Salt Shaker had a cracking day aboard Salt Shaker going 2 from 3 with a nice #700-pound fish caught on the Marlin Magnet by pulsator lures and another of #200.

Nice one brother!

Salt Shaker revelling in the epic Black Marlin fishing bit off Bazaruto Island this 2023

Blue caught by CUJO out wide….

The fishbazaruto & Bob Marlin performance shirts keep us dry and protected from the sun.

They got up to 50+ UV protection, are water and stain repellent and ulra light.

Get in touch if you want to get some!

Peter with a beautiful bluefin trevally caught while looking for swim baits and a small wahoo!

Nice wahoo caught on a Marlin lure by Nick…

Sailfish release aboard Vamizi and on Ahab (below)

Local with a handline caught GT!

Beautiful Bazaruto

Beautiful Bazaruto!!!

Team Tucker made the absolute most of the epic Black Marlin fishing bit off Bazaruto Island this year
Team Tucker made the absolute most of the epic Black Marlin fishing bit off Bazaruto Island this year

The Tucker gang!

Black Marlin fishing grander club of Bazaruto
Black Marlin fishing grander club of Bazaruto

The Grander Club!!!!

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