You are currently viewing 15 Nov 2023 Bazaruto Marlin Report including some serious jigging

15 Nov 2023 Bazaruto Marlin Report including some serious jigging

15 Nov 2023 Bazaruto Marlin Report including some serious jigging

15 Nov 2023 Bazaruto Marlin Report including some serious jigging: Gary & Tanya first fished with us for Marlin two years ago and got a couple. This time around they wanted to mix it up with some jigging and despite the very difficult conditions with massive current and very clean water they got a few species including some wahoo and cuta, from many cut offs, which are always a blast to catch on the jig.

Some XXL kawa kawa´s, with Tanya getting the best, YFT, Green jobfish including a nice specimen for Gary, some other species and the first Silver cheeked toadfish we have ever caught and by far the biggest we have ever seen!

Great couple and despite the slower fishing, awesome time in and out the water, many laughs, prawns and chips washed down by some green wine and just good fun!

Here´s a few pics from the short trip.

Thanks guys and until next time…

We caught a lot of big kawa´s for the trip but this one on jig by Tanya was certainly the best…a. truly XXL specimen that put up a great scrape…

We had many cut off´s from the razor gang, namely wahoo, king mackerel and barracuda, but a few did hook in the corner and we were able to release including a wahoo and some cuta, this one for Tanya on a 220 grs fast pitch jig!

We caught a few green jobfish but this one by Gary caught on a slow pitch 200 grs jig in 62 meters of water was certainly the best model…

Have you ever seen a Silver Cheeked Toadfish? I had seen small specimens caught on the local nets but never did I dream they could get this big and caught on jig! But, that’s exactly what Gary caught on a 220 slow pitch jig while going over a pinnacle in 60 odd meters of water. We went to the books and they don’t get much bigger than this!

Always a nice fish to catch, this prodigal son was caught aboard Drop Your Rods while bait fishing for Marlin bait… nice surprise!!!

Bazaruto Marlin Report

Although it slowed down the last couple days there has been some great Marlin fishing this last week and top day must go to Suli Suli who had an incredible day which shows the immense diversity of Billfish the Bazaruto Archipelago has to offer…

They caught a Super Grand Slam with two Black Marlin to #600, a Blue Marlin, a Striped Marlin and a spearfish…

I mean that´s four billfish species in one day including the rare spearfish, had they caught a Sailfish as well which have actually been around and they would have had an extremely rare Fantasy Slam of 5 billfish species in a day!

Well done

A few Sailfish have been caught as by catch on the Marlin lures this past week…

Fishing on Drop Your Rods with clients from Russia, Christiaan did well the last three days with 2 Black´s, the biggest a #500, a small Blue Marlin and a Sailfish

Bazaruto Marlin Report
Bazaruto Marlin Report

Pic Black on Drop Your Rods

A boat side Black Marlin about to the be released aboard Drop Your Rods

Small Blue Marlin released on Drop Your Rods on the Marlin Magnet from Pulsator lures…

A nice-looking Black Marlin estimated at around 600 pounds about to be released on Dorado. The fish took a live skipjack.

Cujo also had a great day catching both a Black and Blue Marlin, both fish on lures…

Bazaruto Marlin Report
Bazaruto Marlin Report featuring a blue by Cujo

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