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Here’s to 2024 from the FishBazaruto Family

Here’s to 2024 from the FishBazaruto Family

“Sean, Here’s my first post for 2024…Sitting in London on the way to Miami. Tx man Cheers pal”…Duarte

We are well into 2024 but it’s been a busy month and thus we have been a tad slack on the posts…but happy new year to everyone, our best wishes and most of all good health for the oncoming year.

And, of course might it be filled with screaming reels, decadent sunrises, cold ones at sunset and many healthy releases…

After the Heavy Tackle Season which for me ended rather early in the last week of November we were home spending some quality time with the kids and sorting out all things non-fishing!

But Alex, Alberto and the boys carried on into December with a few other heavy tackle guests and despite the rather warm water that moved in early this year they had a good bite, especially out wide on Blue Marlin.

Into Christmas and New Year boats were mostly busy with tourist fishing – half day´s light tackle conventional trolling for game fish, etc etc etc.

Then just after Christmas we had Betto Hoffs from Switzerland on a two-week fly-fishing trip aboard VAMIZI. His arrival coincided with the torrential rains we had between Christmas and New Year but luckily, he had a long stay and managed to put in a few days after that.

After having a few half day´s targeting all kinds of species on the fly he decided to make a full day out of the last day – bring out the heavy tackle and go out wide.

It was the 10th of January and what a day it turned out to be!

They ended going 1 from 8 on Blue Marlin…absolutely insane and nerve racking – but great day and some nice dorado to compliment it all.

Betto Hoff with a nice dorado and his first Blue Marlin release on an insane where they raised 8 Blues and lost a real nice one looking north of 700 pounds…

2024 January has brough in the blues. Showing the potential we have here for a year-round fishery.
2024 January has brough in the blues. Showing the potential we have here for a year-round fishery.

Most were small Blues coming in doubles and triples but very lazy which is characteristic in such warm water.

I mean this is January, no one had really been out there and, despite the laziness, to have so many numbers in Jan is just absolutely mind-blowing and just shows how year-round the Bazaruto fisheries can be and how one has only scratched the Blue Marlin potential in these waters…

In the mix of the small fish there came a real nice one which was probably just north of 700.

Unlike the little guys, she comes in hot and aggressive, smashing the shotgun, hooking up and going ballistic as only the girls in the blue suit do. Unfortunately, she came off a while later but what good fun and awesome to see such a nice fish out there in Jan!

The same day Game Changer released a small Black on the inside and since then and up to now there has been a good number of juvenile Black´s showing in the shallow grounds and the last two weeks some sailfish pods also showing up early in the same sort of areas.

Known for its exceedingly warm water, January and February are great months for popping but rarely the best to target surface species and billfish, however and showing the versatility and the year-round possibilities of these waters there has been a good Blue Marlin bite, loads of juvenile Black Marlin in the shallows and the last few weeks have seen a few pods of sailfish showing early.

Otherwise there has been some Yellowfin around with occasional good fish showing up and their numbers should come up in the next couple of months. The king mackerel have been abundant as well and as is normal this time of year a good number of GTs around for the popping and stick bait brigade.

Last week we had Dean Gouveia on his annual family & fishing trip and despite being unlucky with the weather he got some good popping days out there with loads of flying cuta on the last day – which is always such a fun and absolutely insane sight on the poppers!

Neil Bartie fishing with Gareth Simms showing off some released January Bazaruto Geet´s!!!

But, in the mix Beto hooked a real nice one that unfortunately pulled the hook.

Game Changer released a Black Marlin on the inside.

Just shows how year-round the Bazaruto fisheries can be and how one has only scratched the Blue Marlin potential in these waters…

Otherwise, the bite down south @ Santa Maria has been really good and will only get better as we go into Feb, March and April when the bigger Blues appear.

Just a few days ago my friend Jose aboard Dafi phoned me to let me know they had gone out for a short day and went 4 for 4, releasing a Blue Marlin and then three Striped Marlin out of a triple hookup.

That’s good going and exciting anywhere!

Blues and stripies being caught in Santa Maria as well as Bazaruto and Vamizi coming home with two flags for 2 Black Marlin releases…

Otherwise, it’s been a busy fun-filled month for us with a two-week holiday in Tofo with family and friends, last week the boys started school and had their birthdays on the 23rd!

Happy birthday to these two legends in the making turning 11 and 9 today…

Love you boys, you changed my life in ways I could not have imagined and although still up there, it’s not chasing those big girls that it’s the most important – but spending quality time together and making the best for you to grow up strong, healthy, humble, respectful and in love with nature…

The next day your´s truly year made it to half a century…. Can you F&%$#”* believe it!

Birthday dinner, freaking 50!!!!

And my older sister made the trek all the way from Portugal as well as my other sister from another mother!!!! Love you…..

Now, on the way to Miami (with a pit stop in London) for legend Dave Tucker’s wedding, then off to Fort Pierce to visit my good mate and childhood friend Fabricio – my wing man when we started fishing and spearing back in the days. Fao recently started a light tackle charter business and believe thje snook season just started so looking forward to that!

Then off to Isla Mujeres – Mexico to finally fish aboard the 57ft Viking Tucker´s Tales -then Houston and fish the Gulf and hopefully catch that Broabdbill – the only billfish species to have eluded me up to now!!!

Back to Fort Lauderdale for a few days and back home at the end of the month!

All the best and hope to get some exciting pics and reports of the trip…


Karl landrey with a nice Bohar in late Jan, the previous day they had some sailfish bites, wahoo and cuta…

Family & friends @ Tofo…. Living the life!!!

Small Marlin released aboard VAMIZI in mid-January

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