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Cashew Bay Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin from out of Cashew Bay

Blue Marlin from out of Cashew Bay

Blue Marlin from out of Cashew Bay: Besides the best sailfish bite we have had in decades and all the excellent light tackle game fishing we had this time last year; we also had a very decent Blue Marlin bite.

Well, late April we had a good body of sailfish moving in and a fantastic early bite which is a good Omen seeing they normally peak later than this. The wahoo run has also been fantastic and lots of small Blacks on the sailfish baits as well – hard to know on the big fish as no on targeting them!

Last week we actually went out with Duarte Jnr. and he caught a small Black on light tackle, we missed a few sailfish and spent the day dealing with wahoo double, triple and quadruple strikes!


Blue Marlin with out of Cashew Bay in Inhassoro

No one has really been out wide to see where we at with the Blue Marlin but this week we went up to Inhassoro, and after exchanging WhatsApp’s for over a year finally meet and spend some time with Aaron Simser from Cashewbay Sportfishing who is over from the States exactly to source out and establish the potential of the Bazaruto Blue Marlin fishery over this time.

Prior to us getting there he went out wide twice and went 1 from 1 on Blue Marlin on both days – not on fire but certainly not too shabby!

He also did an inshore light tackle day with good results on the Sailfish.

As they say – one a day keeps the Doctor away!!!

And so, it was on the third day and we again went 1 from 1 on a #400-pound Blue making it 3 from 3 in the last three days out wide.

So yeah, this 32ft Magnum changed its name and owner but not its mojo – here´s a report from our tip aboard her last year;

Aaron was unfortunate to have an accident and bruise his ribs a few days ago so unfortunately, he cannot be in the chair so between the three of us we decided that Erin, who is the Captain on Aaron´s 32ft boat CUJO would drive on the first fish, I would be on the chair, Aaron on the camera, Alberto (CUJO`S) first mate on the wire and Ernesto (CUJO´s second mate) backing us all up.

So yeah, right on – love it when a plan comes together!

Water looked a tad on the green side as we went out – therefore it was an easy decision to go wide straight away.

It looked good out there with a number of frigate birds, lots of rip lines and flotsam with Dorado, water still on the upper side in the low 27´c but generally looked fishy!

Just as we did our second turn on the 500m ledge there she came – on the short corner. Pretty undecisive fish, went under back again but finally crashed and the Sta Stuck right one and we were off to the races.

Close up of a 400-pound Blue about to be released out wide of the Bazaruto Archipelago aboard the 32ft CUJO based out of Inhassoro – Mozambique.

So good to get back in the chair after two and a half years. Last time it was a 1100 lbs Black, this time a tad smaller but she was pretty feisty and gave a good account of herself – really did!

Here´s the blog report from the previous one we released on the hot seat!

I love driving the boat but sometimes it’s great to experience it from the other side of the coin!

Got to love it!

Back at it tomorrow – hopefully we get Erin a nice one, this time the roles change and he will be in the chair and I will be back at the usual spot!

Right on!!!

Erin, Duarte & Aaron after another successful day on the water.

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