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About a year ago Bluewater magazine (BTW my favorite fishing magazine by far) asked me to write an article on Bazaruto.
What was initially a small article, it became, by Tim Simpsom (the editor) a main cover feature.
 It came out in the latest edition, which you can download a PSD copy of, HERE.
Besides the cover shoot and I believe (although I still have not received the physical magazine) that it also got their back front cover two page spread photograph Bluewater angles  – a photograph by Didi.
Update: and here it is as a series of screengrabs…all courtesy of

Special thanks to Bluewater Boats & Sportfishing for publishing such an amazing spread. Check out by clicking the link below…


Grander – Vamizi releases three big Blacks off Bazaruto

By ski boat reporter

 Click here for PDF download…1-skiboat March-April 2015

Ski Boat Magazine – March / April 2015

Marlin Magazine – July 2013

Hunting for Black Gold – Mozambique could be the next Black Marlin Hotspot          – By Capt. Jason Holtz

Ski-Boat Magazine – March/April 2012

Bazaruto Billfish Blessings – One dream fulfilled and another born… – By Theo Erasmus

Ski-Boat Magazine – Jan/March 2012

Bazaruto Archipelago – The unsung Marlin hotspot of Southern Africa – Milestones


Moz Magazine  – Dec 2011

Moz´z own Marlin legend – Fishing with Duarte Rato

Articles by Capt. Duarte Rato

Moz Magazine  – July 2012

Marlin fishing with the Captain


Ski-Boat Magazine – July/August 2009

What a Season – Bazaruto´s year of the Marlin


Marlin World – Jan/March 2009

Bazaruto Action  – Marlin Invitational Tournament 2008

Ski-Boat Magazine – Nov/Dec 2007

Bom Bom Blues – Revival of a World class Marlin fishery on SA´s doorstep

Links to other publications / blogs and forum´s on Bazaruto & Capt. Duarte Rato…

Report – International Fishing News – Bazaruto Report 2014 Season – Jan 2015


Report – Marlin Fishing Trip to Bazaruto with Capt Duarte Rato – Fev 2014 – by Lothar Sobek

Here is a link –  Baitball Article – to a contribution Captain Duarte Rato of FishBazaruto, made to a great article that ran in the January issue of Voyages de Peche magazine.

The article, which is about bait balls or where and when large masses of bait come together along with its predators, was put together by Julien Lajournade, had as it´s collaborators Duarte along with well know photographers Jessica Haydahl Richardson (Yellowfin & blue runnes in Cobia Panama), Pat Ford (tarpon and others on mullet at vero beach Florida), Marc Montocchio (great photograph with tarpon and silversides in the Caymans) and Scott Kerrigan (on sailfish and sardines off Isle Mujeres – Mexico).

Baitball Article


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