Rates & Contact Fishbazaruto

Rates & Contact Fishbazaruto


Rates & Contact Fishbazaruto: Please see our different available packages to fish the Bazaruto Archipelago either from Vilankulos or Bazaruto Island on our different option boats.

We can customize any package on length of stay, the number of fishing days and also have a couple of different boats and accommodation options besides the ones below depending on your budget and personal preferences.

Heavy tackle, light tackle, popping, jigging, spinning & fly fishing…click HERE for a chart of species relating to seasons.

Please contact us for more information at: dudas7mares@gmail.com

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We looking forward welcoming you onboard…. you can review some of our options below, with PDF downloads.


2020 Anantara Bazaruto Packages


Packages VDP & Game Changer PDF


Between February to mid-April every year, we are now offering World Class Blue Marlin fishing out of St. Maria. Striped marlin, sailfish and the other exciting gamefish Inhaca waters are known for also are up for a fight. Huge canyons and holes make up the radical undersea features that attract all the diverse action.

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16 thoughts on “Rates & Contact Fishbazaruto

  1. Hello!
    We are a fishing club from Moscow Bigbigfish.ru
    Organize fishing around the world.
    I have a big team that wants to do fishing in September 2019.
    You have 4 boats and 4 houses. You can accommodate and organize fishing for 16 people. All fishermen, men. (You need different beds, you can in the same room)
    What is the catch in September?
    Package prices shown are commission or net.
    Thank you very much!
    PS I really liked your direction, let’s cooperate. If it does not work with a large group, then I will definitely assemble a team and come to you.

    1. Hello Georgy,

      Thank you for your contact and apologies for the late reply but there was some problem and I never saw this message before.

      Just had a look at your sire, very interesting.

      September is a very good month with the beginning of summer, warmer waters and a lot of different species coming in. It is the start of our Black Marlin Season, probably the best time to catch big GT´s on the archipelago and then normally lots of other game fish such as wahoo, YFT, cuda etc. Overall one of our best months.

      We can organize something for September 2019, depending on dates seeing we already have some of the boats booked.

      Accommodation would not be a problem at all. We can arrange various different options depending on your budget and preference.

      The package rates are net, but they have very big discounts from the resorts and lodges we work with (up to 30%) so they can easily be marked up.

      Please send me an email to dudas7mares@gmail.com

      And we can discuss all details and options.

      Kind regards,


  2. hi, would like to know what would be best time of year to target GT , Amberjack, yellowfin etc . spinning popping and jigging..
    with little trolling , not as interested in marlin but not totally against.
    also what is best deal for 4 anglers , thank you . Regards steven

    1. Hi Steven, its good all year round but would say for what you want the best time would probably be around March / April and September. Please send me a email to dudas7mares@gmail.com and will send you all packages prices and information. regards, Duarte

  3. I’d like to come fishing on strip with you and would like to fish for about 4 days. Hook and line and Spearfishing. What would be the best time of year for Marlin?

    1. Hi and thanks for the enquiry…right now is the best time really, but there are other bites at other times in the year too. Please fill out the form under Rates and Contact so that your details are not made public. Many thanks, Captain Duarte will get the enquiry directly that way. Regards. Shonalanga

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