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“Renowned as one of the World´s best Giant Black Marlin fisheries, the Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique also offers excellent year-round fishing for a diversity of game fish.

Be it Heavy tackle, popping, jigging, light tackle, fly fishing or any other, we invite you aboard our fully rigged Sport Fishers to experience the fishing trip of a life time.”

Welcome to…
2…billfishing at its best!

We have been operating on the Mozambican coastline for 25 years and in the Vilankulos / Bazaruto area since 2001, having had the privilege of being one of the very few who ply these waters on a daily basis during the peak of the Marlin Season since. For well over a decade we have been Mozambique´s top billfish boat and have been fortune of catching / releasing more Grander (1000 pound plus) Black Marlin than any crew in Africa.

Black, Blue and Striped
Black, Blue and Striped Marlin…
Highly experienced crew with
Highly experienced crew with

Besides the Giant Black Marlin the area also offers great Blue & Striped Marlin fishing out wide and every year we look forward to the great winter Sailfish run. Shortbill spearfish can also be found and it would be possible to catch a grand slam in one day or even a Royal Grand Slam as there is also good potential for Broadbill Swordfish.

But, as you will see as you navigate the site, the waters off Vilankulo and Bazaruto offer so much more than is superb bill fishing. There is exceptional year round fishing opportunity’s for every angler, whatever their preference, to pursue an enormous diversity of game fish. Be it targeting wahoo, dorado, tuna, king mackerel and other´s on conventional light tackle, plugging with poppers and stick baits for GT´s, YFT & King mackerel, vertical jigging or fly fishing for the many kingfish species, amberjack, tuna, snappers and other dwellers of the reef´s or ultra light spinning for queen mackerel, bonito´s, jack´s, queenfish and other´s there is rarely a dull moment & we love it all!

GT's and all sorts abound
GT’s and all sorts abound
A completely diverse range of fish are available when targeting fish with
A completely diverse range of fish are available when targeting fish with

We fully support the Tag & Release of all fish and cater for experienced and novice anglers alike. With exceptional beauty & climate, great lodging, easy accessibility and lots of different activities on offer, Vilankulo and the Islands are a superb family destination.

I look forward to seeing you in Mozambique & welcoming you on board,


Very big fish
Very big fish


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    1. Xavier hi. Duarte is on the island fishing. Sometime he can’t get to his enquiries. But. I will make sure he gets back to you when he gets back to the mainland. Regards. Sean

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