Early September ´18 fishing update

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Early September ´18 fishing update

We getting to the time of year that everyone anxiously wait for. The heavy tackle is going on board tomorrow and by the end of this week we will be plying the water everyday, fishing for those big Mozambican Black girls.

Except, that with the absolutely insane light tackle game fishing we have at the moment, and which is so normal for this time of year, some guests might be distracted and prefer to catch bait instead J

Yeah, it’s absolutely wild out there at the moment; Yellowfin tuna started showing up about a month ago and they now around in exceptional numbers. Although not as consistent as early in the winter there are still steady shots at sailfish, wahoo have also been around and their numbers should come up and dorado just started showing. This last week the cuda (king mackerel) have been absolutely wild in shallow with bonnies and bludger kingfish around the same areas. A few carapau bait balls have also been seen regularly and some of them producing exciting popping for GT´s which should just improve as the water warms up.

More importantly juvenile Blacks have been showing since early August. And, despite no one really targeting them, in the last three weeks we have seen an increase in numbers and sizes…and we know that will only improve now!

While light tackle fishing but with one or two bigger rods out while at it, my boys at Bazaruto late connected to a few nice one´s. The biggest about #600 which pulled the hook but they did release a few to #300.

It seems there are a few blues out wide as well. A few days ago Christiaan took Juha Vehmas, a Finish client of ours out for a day. They decided to go out wide for about four hours and released one out of three bites all between 300-400. Yesterday there was a nice one caught in Sodwana aboard Bakgat, which sadly died during the fight and went 873 lbs.

With the water a tad green due to consistent northerly winds it seems a reliable option to go fishing out wide. One of three bites Juha Vehmas had in 4 hours in the deep fishing with Christiaan, releasing this fish of around #350.














But, it´s not all roses and the weather has been really odd with consistent northerly blowing hard. We all know what that means, and at times, the water viability as left a lot to be desired. It´s obviously on the colder side with the best pockets just upwards of 24c. It’s been more than a month of this nonsense, something I have never seen in the archipelago in the almost two decades. On the bright side, it should start easing down now and all we need is a proper blow from the SE to push in the clean, blue, warm water which we can see on the SST, is pretty close to us already.

But yeah, we will enjoy a few more light tackle days and then get on with the real deal.


We were out a couple days ago and the number of game fish was just mind blowing.

We only started at 8 and for the next four hours we had well over 60 strikes and caught / released 41…

It just never stopped, we raised 4 sailfish and had three bites releasing two fish one of which was probably over 40 kilos.

Caught 24 Yellowfin tuna, 4 wahoo up to 22 kilos, 3 king mackerel and the rest where bonito´s.

Ohhhhhhh and we also released 2 Black tip sharks which gave the guys almost an hour of work on the 50´s.

Mind blowing fishing, don´t think we went over 10 minutes without a bite and eventually we actually moved deeper to have some peace and quiet, so as to barbecue some fresh fish, prawns and calamari. We then put the lures out on the big stuff for just over an hour to make our way south to II mile. Never raised one but caught a couple wahoo and YFT.


Sailfish are still around in fairly good numbers and although not targeting the we raised 4 and released 2 out of three bites fishing a couple days ago.














That´s it…there´s no lack of bait for sure, all we need is for the right body of water to push in..

It will be nice to get back on Vamizi which just splashed a couple of days ago. She looks beautiful with all the work Collin, Paul and James put on her over the last weeks. Complete paint job, new electrical installation, new fuel tank, new mallard riggers, nova chair, Garmin electronics, tuna lubes and brand new twin 200 HP engines…

Back to back until December…

We have Neil and Darren from SA and the USA arriving today for three light tackle days and then Craig Sherrrah from Australia who visted us for the first-time last year around the same time and had a blast;


The jewels are ready, lots of rigging the last two weeks now it’s time for fishing!

























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