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RIP to Bom Bom´s Mike Tyson

RIP  to Bom Bom´s Mike Tyson

Goodbye to a gentle giant from Principe Island, his name was Adalio but I will always remember him as Bom Bom´s Mike Tyson…

Adalio, Bom Bom´s Mike Tyson releasing yet another Blue Marlin of the waters of Bom Bom during that Magical 2007 Season.
The breathtaking beauty of Principe Island as seen from the air – talk about Jurassic Park!

Some of you will probably remember or have heard of

Bom Bom Island.

Some might even have been lucky enough to have been there…. probably the most beautiful place I have seen on earth.

Situated on the country of Sao Tome and Principe, right on the Equator and some 300 miles West of Gabon – Principe Island is a truly Jurassic rain forest piece of rock that protrudes out of the Atlantic Ocean. The first time I approached it by plane I had tears in my eyes to the absolute raw natural beauty of it all.

It was a very special time in my life and I consider myself blessed to have experienced all I did in the 8 months I spent on that magical place.

And I am not even talking about the fishing which was anything unlike I had ever seen before or have seen since.


Talking to Argentino, a local Captain that had been there since the beginning made me realize how lucky I was to have been there on that special Season of 2007, which he reckons was the best he ever saw by far.

When it peaked, we released 69 Blue Marlin in 18 days.

We had a 38ft Blackfin that somehow, one way or another broke down every third day and almost used the same amount of oil as did fuel. Had to make up six reels out of in-numerous Penn 80´s carcasses that where there from the old days. I found a box of some serious relic lures, a Black on Black old Ruckus become the star of the show.

And, I was an absolute rookie when it came to pitch baiting and suffered immensely for it.

It is hard to imagine the numbers we would have had with a proper pitch bait program in place.

It was hard going, especially early season with all the smaller fish and double, triple and quadruple strikes. We had a day we went 6 for 38 on the lures – OK, a lot of this where knockouts and raised multiple fish at the same time. But still insanely frustrating but at the same time exhilarating fishing!

We had days where we caught more fish but, the best I remember being a day we left late and only found the fish much later. But we found them good and in the space of less than three hours released 5 out of 9 with four of the five we got being over #500 and to #850.

Just incredible fishing and recently a gentle of a giant man that was with us every day aboard Dorado on that magical season passed away…

This is just my way to say a few words and good bye to Adalio (AKA Bom Bom´s MIKE TYSON) …

His hands, feet and absolute raw power had to be seen to be believed.

He made puppies out of Blue Marlin on the wire, somersaults and all 🙂

But it was his quiet, gentle manner and kind smile I remember most.

And, a day when he most likely saved my life, the only time I truly experienced that cliché of

“seeing my life flashing through my mind in a fraction of a second“.

As usual the fishing was red hot!

We had just released two fish in a row and as we were putting them out, we had a double header.

Argentino was on the wheel.

I come down and took a terrible wrap on the second fish.

The leader went over my glove and started badly cutting though my flesh.

I could do nothing and was locked on to this green #400 that jumped all over the place.

I remember my feet slipping and coming off the deck and I was on my way into the Ocean with nothing to cut me off when Mike Tyson (who had somehow got rid of his fish) literally jumped and put his gigantic arms around me.

By this time, I was crushed and stretched in every sense and if it was not for him, I would have gone in, and probably perished – little doubt in my mind.

The #500 mono finally broke and we both collapsed on the deck.

It could have gone some other very freaking horrible ugly way but Adalio just smiled and brushed it off as if nothing had happened.

I have the scar to remember, not that I will never forget that split of a second!

Thank you, brother & rest in peace Adalio

Bom Bom´s Mike Tyson – Myself & Adalio would often go out in the morning, on the panga, just the two of us to get some game fish for the lodge. Here with a nice Cubera Snapper…
Dorado, the lodges old reliable BlackFin
It took a while to find the fish that morning. But, when we did, we got them good going 5 for 9 in the space of three hours with four fish being over #500 and the biggest an easy #850. As his usual self Adalio just grinned and said little.
Another Blue Marlin released of Bom Bom on that magical 2007 Season. This fish was caught on a Black Bart SPJ, a lure that probably caught us over 40% of our fish during that season. Many years later I used this photograph to create the fishbazaruto logo which we still use today!

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