Bazaruto Marlin Season 2013

Bazaruto Marlin Season

Hi guys, seeing the water is warming up and, after this long winter we all very keen to get going and there already has been a few fish around here’s a new threat for the 2013 season at Bazaruto.
I know quiet a few sealiners will be visiting the archipelago so hope there will be a lot of reports and photos in the months to come. Even with the snail pace internet we got on the Island I will do my best to report as it happens!
Here´s to a great season to you all…

IMG_0817 copy

It has been a lot of prep work for the season from this side, besides working on Vamizi for what is going to be a back to back season we also working and rigging a privately owned 31ft Triton which will be based out of Indigo for the season and which I will be driving for Carl jankowitz´s four trips to the archipelago during the season.

We were only planning to start the season on the 19th of September but Carl decided to do a earlier 6 day trip with the family at the end of August and despite the horrible weather we did have some pretty good fishing when we did get out there.


Carl arrived on the 27th August and the forecast said the next would be the best weather day out of the whole week ahead, so obviously we got everything ready to get out early morning on the 28th.

Craig, who is a good mate of Carl and was coincidentally, staying at Indigo, and his two sons, joined us along with Carl’s oldest daughter Bella.

With all the kids on board the plan was to have a fun day on light tackle and we started up north pulling a mixed spread of rappies, halcos and a couple halfbeaks on the bait #30 pound sticks. As soon as we got to the pinnacle at III trees the mayhem started with multiple and triple strikes every time we went on top of it. But, soon enough the sharks were making a meal of it and we moved out from the area. We got a few more cuda, bonnies and lost a big wahoo that cut the mono leader on our shotgun halfbeak before moving out deeper in search of YFT.

We had just got on top of Alladins and everyone was watching the big showing on the sounder when one of the X-Raps had a frantic 2-second pull. Having learned that familiar sound we were immediately thinking sailfish. A few second later again a couple second on – off and on the third time the fish was on. Young Daniel took the rod and all of a sudden there was loads of screaming on the boat as a Black Marlin of around 2-250 pounds started jumping in our wake.

It was Daniel’s first ever-real fish and he was well under gunned on the TLD 25. But, it was only 8h40 and we had all the time in the world. After a few nice jumps and surface runs the fish settled deep and we tighten as much as we dared on the #30 line.

We put the boy on a stand up harness and he did absolutely brilliantly and within 40 minutes we could see the fish right underneath us…


The fish had taken us out to the 200 meter mark and it was a obvious and very quick decision to bring out the heavy guns out and in no time at all we had a spread of four Konas working behind our wake.

As with any new boat there was a lot of playing ad tweaking until we got them working beautifully, but eventually we were happy and started to work south. There were virtually no surface signs and we had a long two hours of nothing. I had also put out two bait sticks on the scotty´s for the youngsters and as soon as we got to the outside of the top end of V mile some action come our way.

First we had a big wahoo take one of the bait sticks but after a sizzling run it come off. I circle the area and we have a on-off on again on the rappie and as I do a deeper tack there goes another bait rod.

This time Bella hooks up solid and after 30 minutes of back breaking hard work gets a superb YFT within gaffing range and catches the biggest fish of her life, by far!!! A stunning 26 kg Yellowfin, that provided some great sashimi for the all crowd.


Not half an hour later and as we were working the outside of II mile the short corner Purple & Blue Pulsator Marlin Whisperer, hooks up to something on steroids. We never saw the fish but running like that we knew it could only be a Marlin. Carl jumped in the chair and this thing just did not want to stop, we tough we had a really decent size fish but when it finally jumped in the distance we could see it was a 200-pound rat. No one was complaining and the fish really tired itself out on that run and within 20 minutes we had it by the boat for a quick T&R!

First day out and first Marlin off the season, to top it up on a lure that I designed!!!
Yeah, surely that double Black whiskey comes out on the way home!!!


The next day it was just me, Carl and Alex on the boat so it was straight to Marlin fishing as we got to lighthouse at 7am. We set a 4-lure spread and two bait sticks with rappies and started to work the area under a moderate NE wind making for choppy conditions.

It was slow up north so we started tacking south and just as we got pass nhangosse one of the bait sticks went and Carl was kind to give Alex the fish. A nice wahoo that went just over 20 kg…



Fifteen minutes later we finally got what we were here for…a Marlin crashed striked the long rigger blue & White sodwana express but it come undone after peeling about 50 yards! Worked the area hard and we had a mysterious strike on the short rigger mamba by Antonio Amaral, but that was about it. It was then to Sailfish Bay where we again worked the area hard and after a deeper tack as we were coming in at 10h10am Alex shouted MARLINNNNNNN!!!!

Again on the long rigger express!

The fish took about  100 yards but never hooked up on the first bite but as we erratically pulled the lure towards the boat it come in again, this time really hot and we got a solid hook-up as it charged the lure from the inside out right by the boat.


The fish did a run, showed it self and then went straight down!


Carl jumped in the chair and if yesterday’s fish was a racehorse as it tired itself out after peeling about 400 yards on the strike (we got him in less than 20 minutes) today’s fish was a total bull and one of strongest fish for its size that I have come across.


Unless I clearly see where the fish is hooked and unlike the big fish, I very seldom put a lot of drag on the smaller fish from the start to avoid the chance of the hooks tearing. But this particular fish was behaving real strong and even with a moderate drag of 35 pounds it was behaving like a much bigger fish than we had estimated…


The fish was so strong I actually started to doubt my estimation, which had been around # 3-350 lbs and only after about 40 minutes of intense heat, and with Carl slowly inching it on low gear could we get him up. We had the double five meters from the rod tip as I slowly backed into it the fish went ballistic and gave us some amazing air, with somersaults of all kinds…


After which it dived down deep again…WTF!!!

Again Carl slowly inched him up and 10 minutes later we finally got the leader…but this fish was not done and it started jumping and Alex had to let go (which Carl was not to happy about!!!)

Oh well, but by this time once we put the drag way up it just stopped and five minutes later we had him boat side for a release. We went down as 300 lbs + …with change!!!


We made our way back early, of course having a nice double Black on ice!

The Triton looking sexy with the blue flag!


It blew very hard from the north the next day and on Saturday. Had Carl been here on a hard core fishing trip and after all the action we had, we would have probably brave it out there but he was here with his family and he just relaxed. I got the time to do some rigging and boat work but, by Saturday we started getting land sick and when the wind eased a tad we decided to go and work some plugs and stick baits at the gap (AKA Kingfish Alley). We got there just a before 4pm and on the first cast Carl hooked up to a very BIG GT…a seriously strong fish that gave him stick for 20 minutes, when all of sudden it come off. The single, extra strong beefy Viper hook had just open completely! We have used those hooks extensively and never had then open or break before, so probably, even with the extreme heat he was putting it was just a factory defect.

Then we had a couple bites on the light stick and Alex had a big GT take his dropshoot on the tiny light stick by the boat that immediately busted him. The sun was low on the horizon and we were doing our last drift and again on the bobara stickbait Carl hooks up, Initially it did not look like such a big fish but it got wilder and stronger and 25 minutes later Carl brought in a nice 118cm (about 33 kg) fat GT for a release!!!

Happy days…

GT Carl

Alex also had a few nice smaller kingies on live bait….


…and when he run out he started getting them fighting a nice fish on ultra light drop shot!!!


Well, with such good action and 2 for 4 on Marlin in two short fishing days so early in the season it is going to be hard to wait for another 3 weeks to get out there!!! But, once we get rolling on the 19 September it is back-to-back charters so hopefully the fish will play ball.

Now it is back to rigging, boat work and baby sitting!!!


PS: Just got word that Fred on Fish Therapy fought a nice fish for 1h40 today but lost it…they out there!!!



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