The Brakes on Bazaruto

The Brakes on Bazaruto

Started with regulars Richard & Billy Brake who have now fished with us on the archipelago at least once a year since 2001.

A moderate ESE made for some chop, certainly not the same flat sea conditions as the past four days, but oh boy was the fishing as good!!!

We started up north fishing light tackle and caught yellowfin after yellowfin and then had 4 simultaneous wahoo strikes, hooking two but losing a beast next to the boat. Minutes later Richard also dropped a sailfish after a 100 yard run.

But it was fast and furious…there were so many YFT on the feed that we were actually getting away from them, trying to avoid them…if one wanted you could potentially catch over a hundred of the buggers…

All in all we caught / released 15 yellowfin, 2 wahoo, 2 dorado and a handful of bonnies, cuda and skipjack.


We then decided to bring the heavy guns out and set a spread of lures…not 10 minutes had elapsed when out the corner of my eye I see a big explosion behind the Long rigger express. Nothing happens for about 10 seconds but then the tip of a good 500 pound Black appears and takes a swipe from the outside in at the same lure but once again it misses and this time it fades for good.

We make our way south catching a couple of game fish on the way. Like yesterday the ocean was alive with fish at V mile. So just after noon we catch a couple more yellowfin and put one out for live bait.

The bloody thing had not been in the water for 3 minutes when BANG…STRIKE
Billy jumps in the chair and hooks to a 200 + Black that goes ballistic in the air before settling deep.


Young Billy is no stranger to Marlin fishing but it was his first time fighting from the chair with a bent butt – but even with the footrest (on the minimum) still being a tad to long for him, he did a beautiful job and worked that fish hard…


…and got it to the boat in under half an hour.

Another tough day in Paradise!!!


After a short spinning session this morning we got to the grounds a bit later than usual but what a start.

We had not set the lines out for more than 10 minutes when a sailfish knocks the long right rigger halfbeak. It misses but comes out for more and after a perfect drop back we hookup….right then another three rods go and we hook into the sailfish, two yellowfin and a bonito at the same time.

Talk about variety and a good wake up call!!!

The saily never jumped until it was right by the boat and it just show how much energy they do spend when doing so.

Unlike sailies this fish fought deep and hard and all the way and gave young Billy a serious run on the light 16 # penn reel…

But after 35 minutes he got it to the side of the boat for a healthy release…

But things were much slower today, which was no surprise; the fish had been feeding aggressively during the all day for the last 5 days…it had to slow down sometime.

We picked a couple YFT and at about 9h30 decided to swim one as live bait. 40 minutes later we had a small Marlin trying twice to eat the big bait but it failed and half an hour later a hammerhead took the bait – luckily we managed to not connect.

We set a spread of lures and what happened next still makes me nauseous !!! First the SR goes followed by a lighting run, then an explosion behind the LC, followed by the shotgun and the rest of the lines. CHAOS has 5 screaming wahoo are off to the races but in a split second ecstasy turns into horror as three lines come loose…yes in a split second three Konas were gone, cut off by the razor sharp teeth of big wahoo

The so productive long rigger blue & white express and the brand new legend´s Frankenstein and piper gone in a flash….RIP you beauty´s!!!

The rest of the morning was pretty uneventful with only a couple more YFT and we made our way home early at 1pm…

The battery camera went dead on me on the last morning with Brakes but again we caught a whole bunch of gamefish, 18 in total from YFT, to cuda, bonnies and wahoo.

We also jigged a bit and surprisingly had good action with cuda…who of course also cut us off a good couple times.

The morning finished with a triple strike of 2 YFT and even more surprising a 200 pound Blackfin on a Kona!!!!

Yesterday it was a bit if a southerly and the guys felt a bit tired so instead we just went to Zanguelema point, 5 minutes away from the resort to do a bit of spinning on light tackle…

We got a couple of small fish and the Billy does it again hooking up to the best fish of the afternoon session on a small popper…

….a nice bonnie which gave him a really hard time!!!


Angus from Scotland chartered IBO, our sister boat for a fishing day and had a bang of a start when he hooked a Black around 300 pounds on a pear shaped lure head of my own creation not more than 10 minutes after lines in.

Unfortunately after a series of acrobatics the fish pulled the hooks – Angus did have bad luck with billfish as he also dropped two sailfish for the morning.

However the game fishing was pretty good which made up for it. First a few nice cuda down shallow of III trees area.


Then some  yellowfin tuna…


and bonnies, but the sharks showed up and started to make a meal of it.

When a third yellowfin was taken it somehow hooked itself. The boys were about to cut the line when Angus said -`No way, I am fighting this one`

The boys did try and explain that it was a lost cause and a waste of time on the small TLD 25 with 30 pound line…but he had non of it and sure enough in 40 minutes brought the for a release…


Then later as they hooked into another YFT it just swam straight to the boat hiding underneath the engines…

not surprisingly when you are being chased by this…

You can see how close it come to the boat, unfortunately there was no pitch bait and all the big rods were in out with lures. By the time they reeled in one to pitch a live YFT the fish had faded never to be seen again…

The boys with a few nice game fish…


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