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Video: Great Barrier Reef Black Marlin display of force

Great Barrier Reef Black Marlin display of force

Video: Great Barrier Reef Black Marlin display of force

Featuring Captain Duarte Rato in the chair and other Great Barrier Reef Black Marlin stories…shot whilst Duarte was guest aboard the Tradition in Australian waters recently.These fish are going absolutely crazy as the highly professional team of the Tradition mission to get tags in and hooks out as quick as is safely possible. Very good camera angles…enjoy!

It’s really quite difficult to focus on trying to take video or stills whilst dealing with an angry billfish, but this action-packed movie clip captures the chaos and danger completely. The GoPro perspective is really powerfully applied here – especially the wireman’s point-of-view. He looks at the angler and the fish at all times and so with that super wide lens, he really should be wearing the camera helmet at all times! The GoPro on the tagging stick is also a novel idea, and so between the two angles, you really can cover everything. Some of the newer mountable waterproof tiny HD cameras get the sound real good. Then you can really capture the chaos.

This gallery gives another perspective of fishing the Great Barrier Reef aboard the Tradition.

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To get in on the action contact Captain Duarte Rato here.

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