Video: Fishing light tackle gamefish by Benji Watt

Fishing light tackle gamefish aboard Vamizi with Captain Duarte Rato by Benji Watt

Video: Fishing light tackle gamefish by Benji Watt

Young and talented Benji Watt presents his second excellent video compilation of a half-day at sea off Bazaruto fishing, just this last week.

The light tackle gamefishing around Bazaruto is phenomenal. Trolling lures, plugs and all kinds of apparel around the many pinnacles and reefs produces a wide array of fun to catch gamefish. Couta abound in the 10 to 30 metre water and are caught on slow trolled dead baits, rapalas, halcos and of course live baits. The big crocodiles are real suckers for live carapau and especially jube jube´s. Queen mackerel at 10m or less and these provide amazing fun on spinning tackle & light trolling gear. Even the odd frisky baby marlin (and sometimes not so little) hang out in the real shallows here too. Out deeper is where the tuna and bonito will keep you busy for hours, and deeper than that is wahoo and marlin territory. Although the black marlin and sailfish also like the shallows, blue marlin tend to hang out deeper.

You can sight fish and cast to action on the surface until your arms are sore – and they will be! There are only so many fish you can catch without having to stop and take a break.

And if it’s the big grander marlin you are after this year – get in touch with Captain Duarte Rato at this link…

Rates & Contact – Fishbazaruto

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