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Guinjata Bay: An almost grander blue taken by Little Hooker.

Petros Jacobus Geldenhuys caused a sensation with his near miss grander at Guinjata in December 2019

An almost grander blue taken at Guinjata

Mozambique biggest weighted Blue Marlin: 988 lbs Blue Marlin, Guinjata, Mozambique

The 22 December 2019 was a day the crew aboard the Little Hooker will not forget any time soon, when they boated a near Grander Blue that weighted 988 lbs.

Guinjata saw the boating of an almost 1000 pounder by Little Hooker
Guinjata saw the boating of an almost 1000 pounder by Little Hooker, this 22 last December.

Unfortunately, we have had very little information about this fish except that the lucky angler was ……., and the fish caught out of Guianjata Bay in Mozambique´s south coast.

The photographs that went around on social media were so bad, with the fish all trashed and tied up that initially it even difficult to ascertain if it was a Black or Blue.

Eventually this picture of it being weighted clarified that it was indeed a Blue.

Although we know of a few hooked that where estimated at over the mark, this is to date and, as far as we know, the biggest Blue ever weighted in Mozambique. The biggest we had heard from before was close to 900 pounds, many years back very wide of the Bazaruto Archipelago.

However, in early March of 2018, Carl Jankowitz, fishing with us on FourPlay out of Santa Maria, caught a fish that got tail wrapped and died. Sadly, we never had a scale to weigh it but, the measurements confirmed the fish to certainly be over the mark. Amazingly the same angler had previously weighted a Black Marlin with the exact same length and girth. That fish weighted 1 098 pounds.

Below you can see the story and a short video of that catch;



It’s really interesting that after so many Grander Black Marlin caught of the Mozambican coast, or should we say the Bazaruto Archipelago, in recent years, and with boats searching and exploring out wide, encounters with very big YFT and some monster Blues have double folded.

The same is true of South Africa where after a few near misses on Black´s many moon´s ago, three grander Blues have now been caught. Two in Sodwana Bay and one in Richard´s Bay. Kenya´s only Grander to date also a Blue, caught on Stuart´s Simpson boat many years ago.

Congrat´s to the Little Hooker team and here´s to many more in 2020….

Aside: This is the grander Blue Marlin taken in South Africa, at Sodwana Bay, in 2007…

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5 thoughts on “Guinjata Bay: An almost grander blue taken by Little Hooker.

  1. Hi
    I am the angler this article is written about Petrus Geldenhuys and i can assure you that the fish was not a Blue but Black Marlin
    The clear difference between the two is weather the side fins can fold in or not
    Blue the fins can fold
    Black the fins can not fold
    The fish in the picture that i got the fins could not fold back, we eventually had to break the fin to get the fish on the boat

    1. Hi Petrus. Many thanks for the correct information. Duarte said he couldn’t really tell from the pics but that he thought it a blue. Do you guys have any decent shots of that fish at all? Congratulations btw! The fish would definitely had gone 1000 if weighted earlier. I think anyway. Thank you for the reply. Sean

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