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Tracking the heavyweights: Black Marlin Satellite Tagging Program

Tracking the heavyweights: MMF black marlin satellite tagging Program

Tracking the heavyweights: MMF black marlin satellite tagging – it’s happening! The MMF (Marine Mega Foundation) have pulled out all the stops to bring us this great opportunity. To satellite tag black marlin off Bazaruto Island in Mozambique – and see what they are up to!

Successful programs like this one are being run all over the world. Producing amazing results. With which to guide policy and decision making at the right levels. It’s all about the data. And we need it.”


Over to Captain Duarte Rato…

Black Marlin satellite Tagging program – Bazaruto Archipelago

In the Indian Ocean, where Sport Fishing captures of Black Marlin exceeding 1 000 pounds are extremely rare and are basically down to a single destination, one wonders where do these big females go after their “supposedly“ spawning season between September and December of every year on the offshore waters of the Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique.

And, with no identified proven spawning area in all of the Indian Ocean and only two known for the species in the World´s Oceans (both in the pacific) is it not time to scientifically prove the Bazaruto Archipelago to be one? In the twenty-odd years we have been here we have certainly seen enough evidence for this to be the case.

In an area where these fish are caught in such remarkable shallow water how interesting would it be to be able to see not only their horizontal movement but also their vertical utilization of these waters.

And of course, in an Ocean where billfish research has comparatively been almost nonexistent, the chance to start putting the dots together and see the correlation and stock structure within the Indian Ocean would be amazing.

These are all questions, wonders and mysteries we have wondered about for two decades while plying these unique waters in search of these majestic fish.

For this and a number of other reasons, one of which is that the competent authorities get a glimpse of what they have here and the importance of protecting it, we have for years been trying to get a Black Marlin research & satellite tagging project going in the Bazaruto Archipelago.

It has been a long road but it seems we finally got the right people onboard with the same passion and enthusiasm to make it a reality.

PLEASE see the document below and help us in this amazing quest!


Please download and peruse the following document (PDF).


This project is 100% reliant on donor funding and grants and, with your help we are hoping to get the ball rolling in the upcoming Marlin Season from September 2022.

To do so the tags and all pertaining equipment need to be bought within the next couple of months. As you will see in the attached document it’s not a cheap endeavour but, being the special and unique fisheries it is, the results could be so interesting.

Funding is thus welcome in either the sponsorship of a total or partial tag on an individual or company basis.

To fully sponsor one satellite tag is $5000 USD.

This includes that tag, the shipping, the ARGOS satellite time needed to track the tag, the equipment needed to prepare and deploy the tag on each animal, and the analysis. But again, partial sponsorship of one of our marlin tags is available and warmly welcomed!

For full sponsors, you can name your marlin when the tag is deployed and all sponsors will receive photographs/video of your marlin being tagged, updates about the project, and a sneak peek about the marlin’s progress before everyone else from MMF.

Anyone interested in any more info or sponsoring please contact me and / or Clare at Prebble at:

Duarte Rato                        +258 84 639 0466

Clare Prebble    

Tight lines and happy Tag´s 

Check out our Rates and Contact page right here.

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