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Vilankulos Sailfish Competition 2017

Vilankulos Sailfish Competition 2017

Andrew Walker with a nice sailfish about to be released aboard Spanish Fly!


Mike Gooch about to release a Vilankulos sailfish. After leading from day one, last year they ended up in second, when Game Changer managed a triple header to sneak in to the top on the last afternoon!


Once again, the guys at Big Blue and Vila Do Paraiso will be hosting the Big Blue Vilankulo Sailfish Competition between the 22 and 26 May 2017.

This yearly tournament is a great get together that brings the local sport fishing fraternity and visiting anglers together for 5 days of great fun. This time of the year does normally produces some exciting fishing in calm weather. Besides the Vilankulo Sailfish, the comp also gives points and prizes for Marlin and game fish.

Although I will sadly be away doing the Blue Marlin Season in Cape Verde at the time you are welcome to contact me or Morgan if you want to take part.

If you want to charter a local boat and crew let us know but private boats are also welcome and will be provided with local knowledge, tips on areas, techniques, rigging and local skippers if needed. Secure Mooring´s will be available in front of Big Blue.

Vila Do Paraiso has once again come up with a very nice package deal for their accommodation. The refreshments and food every night, as all that have been here before, are World class…

Drop Your rods celebrate their victory on the way back a few years ago…some other participants join in the fun! This event is all about fun, camaraderie and fun fishing!


Please see the tournament details and rules below for the Big Blue Vilankulo Sailfish competition:


Sunday 21st May : Captain’s meeting  from 14:00 (meet and greet for different teams).

Monday 22nd to Friday 26th of May: 5 days fishing (the 26th is New Moon spring)

Friday evening: prize giving


Entry Fees per team (max 5 members per team): I have kept it the same as last year.

*3 members: R10000

*4 members: R12500

*5 members: R14500


– Fishing shirt and cap

– Fishing license for every angler,

– Dinner per person for 6 nights,

– mooring in front of Big Blue (security)

– All park fees for the 5 days of the competition for the boats and crew


Competition Rules:

–          Boats are allowed to leave Vilanculos from 05:45

–          Boats must radio control boat when leaving Vilanculos for the days fishing

–          All hook-ups and releases of sailfish must be radioed in

–          Five anglers per team (number of people per boat as allowed by boat rating)

–          Lines up at 15:30

–          Late hook-ups allowed if radioed in before lines up

–          Skippers and crews must behave in a professional manner with international maritime laws to be adhered to at all times. This is a competition but the due courtesy should be shown to other boats that are fighting fish as well as other boats that are not in competition.

–          Boats are allowed to fish any area that the captain and crew seem fit and safe

–          !!!! All boats must comply with Mozambican Maritime Law and must be available for inspections if needed.

Point system and fish species allowed:


–          All sailfish are to be released (no points for a fish brought to the scale)

–          All successfully released Sailfish will count 100pts  (extra points added for multiple releases in a day, 10 points 2nd fish, 20 points 3rd fish etc! For example: if you release 3 fish in a day you will get: 100 + 110 + 120 = 330points )

–          Teams with most points at end of competition wins

–          Video and/or photo (date and time must be visible) evidence of all released Sailfish must be presented to the competition comity before dinner the night the fish was caught


–          Double the points of a sailfish if you release a marlin = 200 points. This is due to the fact that you should be rewarded if you are going to be spending more time targeting marlin in the deeper water.

Gamefish Species:

–          Species allowed to be weighed includes: Wahoo, Dorado, Yellow fin Tuna, King Mackerel

–          This year we decided to allocate points to the above-mentioned species.

*You are only allowed to bring fish that weigh more than 10kg to the scale regarding the Tuna, King Mackerel and Yellow Fin Tuna.

*You will receive 2 points per kg for these.

*Only one fish of every species to be weighed every day.

*Dorado of minumum 5kg are allowed to be weighed worth 2 points per kg. Only one per day

–          The biggest fish weighed (any of above named species) every day will win a prize. Individual anglers

–          Biggest fish weighed of every species will win prize at end of tournament. Individual anglers

–          Daily weigh-in will be closed 17:30

Foul Weather:

–          Will be discussed at opening ceremony









Let us know if you can make it, you will not regret it.

Come have fun…

Cheers & tight lines…

Duarte A. M. Rato

Sportfishing Charters @ Vilankulos & Bazaruto Archipelago


FB:             MarlinMoz Sportfishing   &

Skype:          duarteamrato

Phone:         00 258 82 805 7160 / 00 258 84 639 0466


It´s not all about the Vilankulos sailfish, a day out in the bazaruto Archipelago is always fascinating. This pod of Orcas was spotted by a few boats during the event three years ago.



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