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Skiboat Magazine article in collaboration with FishBazaruto

Skiboat Magazine article

Skiboat Magazine article in collaboration with FishBazaruto

Here´s an article, published the the latest Skiboat Magazine, which Capt. Duarte Rato helped compile, about the excellent BIG FISH season that the Bazaruto Archipelago experienced during the Black Marlin season last year.
You can click the link above and go to your very own FREE copy of the super rad SkiBoat publication – that has been keeping us informed, educated and updated, since the late eighties!
The article features on pages 22 and 23 along with the usually incredible imagery that goes with these stories.

Skiboat online and for FREE!

In a recent watershed move, the publishers at Skiboat Magazine, have decided to offer their bi-monthly magazine for FREE on ISSUU. This extends the readership phenomenally and adds real online value to advertisers.
Give it a try by clicking the link above…
Check out the Captain’s Log, regularly updated by Captain Duarte Rato, by clicking here.
And as always, a gallery of recent catches made by Captain Duarte Rato and the team at FishBazaruto.
Duarte is fishing Inhaca Island off Maputo right now, as the blue marlin make their annual appearance, mysteriously, in those waters. The bite gets so hot down there they often hit double-figure strikes. In fact, the best so far, was 7 marlin released in one day, in a tournament, held a few years ago.
Click on over to our Rates and Contact page, if you want to be a part of this kind of action.
Post prepped by The Sardine News
And check back soon for the Captain’s Log of the 1000lb Blue Marlin, that Duarte and crew caught recently off Inhaca Island.

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