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2019 – Another great Billfish year….

2019 – Another great Billfish year….

Helloas everyone & sorry for not posting for ages…got to a stage during the season, where we had 4 different groups at the same time and it just did not stop. Insanely busy, we literally had no time for nothing else except fish, rig, boat maintenance, catch up on emails, sleep and start all over again the next dawn!

Will post a few pics and stories from the epic November we had for the end of the season but, for now just want to;

wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year,

may it be blessed with lots of health to you and yours and may you get into the other end of many billfish and a real one in 2020…


2019 was certainly a special year for us, and even though we did not fish as many days as we normally do we made up for it with some epic trips and catches….

For many reasons, we did not spend as much time as usual in the Ocean this year and ended up with only 92 fishing days.

Of those 65 where chasing billfish and we ended the year with 147 releases.

The biggest Marlin for the year was a borderline Black we released in early November which we called 950+.

This borderline Black Marlin we called 950+ pounds was the biggest of the 147 Billfish we released for 2019.

















And yeah, just like that another year as gone past….

…another epic one chasing billfish!

Most of all I just want to thank you guys and gals that come and fished with us this year.

So, privileged to do what I do and love every bit of it.

Without you all nothing of this would be possible and my life would be so much less for it.

Many of you that come year after year, many over a decade and more, have become such good friends and such a pleasure to fish with.

Thank you everyone…. it’s a real honor!








Also, thanks to the few boats and fellow Captains that were out there with us day in and day out, networking and sharing the good times together…


It would be so much harder without the boys on the deck enthusiasm and passion.

Thanks for the long hours, dedication, putting up with my swings and helping it all come together.

To my boys, Alex, Alberto, Americo, Lourenco, Fernando and Jose…well done, have a great festive season with all my blessings to you and your family….thank you!

















Christiaan Kruger as now been running our sister boat IBO for the second straight season, and doing a great job. His passion and dedication transcend his young age and the results speak for themselves and his charters are coming back every year, which speaks more than words.

Thanks Boet














Thanks to all the staff at Bazaruto Anantara (ex Indigo Bay) where we base ourselves over the heavy tackle season and have done so for 19 years. Its home and you, my brothers and sisters, make it so much easier.

Donaldson, a special thanks to you for the amazing delicious treats you make us with the fish we give you…













Thanks for everyone at VDP and the crew on Game Changer, all the crew on Adiva and Jozi-Jozi in Madagascar and Marcelo in Santa Maria where we putting up such a special experience with some world class Blue Marlin Fishing.

And, of course, thanks to all our partners;



They support us with amazing clothe wear and all kinds of apparel.

Amazing quality, so if you have not tried them check their site at #bobmarlingear and do yourself a favor to get the best stuff out there.
#oneloveforfishing #bobmarlin



Lande and Ryan have been big supporters over the years and bringing some great lures, customized bait catchers and other terminal which have been so good to us. The #marlinmagnet was our top lure for the season, the #riggler getting those special short corner bites and the old reliable #bonitosmoker making it up on those rough weather days….



David and Chad from Big T lures are just some of the most kind, dedicated and innovative bunch on the scene and they are always asking me to try something different, most of it great concepts. Keep it up, you guys rock…



Omar & Suli have been supporting us for 17 years and counting now…excellent service and nothing is ever to much effort. Thanks for everything guys…



Justin at Makaira Lures has been exceptionally kind to send us his amazing jewels time and time again and his lures are absolutely remarkable….try them!



Hesh and Emmet at Dubai´s KBE are great boys who we love to fish with and are always willing to help and contribute anytime. Thanks guys….Emmet legend fishing with you bro and much more to come….



Last but not least, a big thanks and unconditional love to Gretha and the Boys.

It’s hard for me to be away for so long, I know it’s even harder for you to be without hubby and Dad for so long. Thanks for the love, understanding and kindness.

Love you lots xxxx






Merry Christmas everyone and happy new year everyone….



Duarte A. M. Rato

Sportfishing Charters @ Vilankulos & Bazaruto Archipelago


FB:                   MarlinMoz Sportfishing          &

Skype:              duarteamrato

Phone: 00 258 84 639 0466 or 00 258 82 805 7160

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