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Black Marlin Double Header out of a triple…

Black Marlin Double Header out of a triple…


As the water temperature slowly decreases some Marlin showing off the Bazaruto Archipelago and this last Friday we had a great half day with Peter Honhe and the gang going 2 for 4, with a

Black Marlin Double Header out of a triple strike right at the end of the day.

Late Start…

The boys and gals landed at Vilankulos airport at around 10h30 and after going through all the stories they boarded the 38ft SuperCat – Drop Your Rods and, after the ride out in flat calm conditions and sunny skies we got to the fishing grounds at around noon.

Before starting I had a chat to a boat nearby who reported really slow conditions since early morning. With the outgoing tide no one was expecting a fast start but the incoming tide late afternoon showed some promise!

The 38ft SuperCat “Drop Your Rods“about ready to set off for another fishing day on the Bazaruto Archipelago
Fast start…

How wrong where we…

We were fishing light tackle but had two #50´s with some bigger lures and even before we finished putting out the short´s the SG, where we had our wahoo special, got taken and what followed was a serious blistering run…

Marlin hookup in less than 2 minutes.

We turned & chased and then as the fish started on a second run it pulled out.

One of the 7732 Mustad 9/0 had bent open – wahoo lure and certainly the way it was hooked as these should not have open on the drag, we were using!

5 minutes later we get another bite, this one on the short and another blistering run. This time down as a big Yellowfin put real strain on the TLD 25 and eventually come off.

Really bad luck but a fast start…

Wahoo & YFT & some other odds & ends…

Then for the next few hours we picked up a couple of wahoos, some good YFT along with the usual kawkawa and other game fish!

The bird life was insane and there where skipjack schools all over the place.

Strangely, into the afternoon the bite slowed down but the surface activity increased as we moved further south where it had been dead earlier on.

Just as we were making our way to for the last few turns of the afternoon a big pod of terns showed up on the inside and as we approached there was skipjack all over.


Despite the recent dodgy weather and exceedingly high-water temperatures, the area offers some incredible diversity of gamefish…wahoo, Yellowfin tuna, skipjack tuna, kawa kawa, dorado, king mackerel, great barracuda all are part of a vast light tackle game fish menu that can be taken while trolling the Archipelago.
Then we got an even wider menu when it comes to jigging, popping and fly fishing!!!


Black Marlin…Triple Strike!!!

As we went over the school the second time, we hooked up on the long-left strip bait. Then the short right got knocked out. Then the SG got waked.

As we slowed down the fish on the short right come back and we hooked up to a second fish.

The third Marlin on the SG still come up again and although we put some speed it faded away.

We brought in the smallest of the two fish, that took the biggest lure in the spread and released that one for Howard´s first billfish.

Then we concentrated on the first fish on the light tackle that was now miles away. Pottie also did a great job and after some awesome jumps by the boat we also released that one.

Black Marlin Double Header… 

To finish of a great afternoon´s fishing!

Despite there not being many boats targeting them and mostly caught as a by catch there as been a good number of fish released the last few weeks along with some good size YFT.

Howard Marsen and Pottie Potgieter releasing their first ever billfish, a Black Marlin Double Header from a triple strike right at the end of the day!

Marlin went 2 for 2 on a day last week and around the same time Game Changer went 1 from 3 losing a nice fish and then 0 from 2 the next day.

And, as we speak I just for word from my boys at Bazaruto that they released one about #300 aboard Vamizi on a 4-hour charter this morning!

Black Marlin released aboard Vamizi on the 9th March 2022 on a half day charter… plus a sailfish release and a number of good Yellowfin Tuna!


Still a few weeks until the water gets to optimum temperature and we stop dodging cyclones and get some more settled weather…. it’s been unreliable to say the least!

The GT fishing has been pretty good along with other species but we will report than on a different post…

Cheers for now…



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