Fishing Bazaruto

Fishing Bazaruto

Fishing Bazaruto waters puts you right in the game for a grander. Black, or blue marlin. Throw in a steady supply of sailfish. Visits by striped marlin. Yellowfin that will make your eyes blur. Wahoo long as a person. And the myriad of other mackerel, tuna and shallow water species for light tackle enthusers – make Fishing Bazaruto and the waters around the island, an absolute necessity for any angler.

Check out the official FishBazaruto playlist for a good idea of what it’s like to be chasing huge fish in Bazaruto waters…

It’s not only about marlin, however.

Sight-fishing for surface feeding and boiling gamefish is a full-time preoccupation. Cheeky gamefish like wahoo, dorado and tuna jump on konas meant for marlin. And you never what can happen if you chuck a big old plug into a feeding frenzy around a huge baitball – of which there are many, all day long, in this area. Whiteouts are common in this place (when baitfish turn the water white with foam and spray)?!


Vamizi and Ibo are the best-kept marlin outfits possible. With a dedicated crew and team to maintain and care for the twin-sister ships, you can rest-assured that you are being taken fishing by the best, most experienced operation anywhere in Mozambique.

We fish heavy tackle for big fish, occasionally swopping out for lighter tackle, when the weather keeps us inshore. When we get the chance to chase the highly sought after Talang Queenfish, and other interesting light tackle spinning species, all around the inside of the islands, and the channels.

Endless fun!


Staying on Bazaruto Island gives extra fishing early and late. And it’s wonderful to be out there. However we do have mainland based accommodation options if that is more suitable.

Anantara (Bazaruto)

Villa do Paradaiso (Vilankulos)

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