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The Sailfish Mermaids tackling the Vilankulos Sailfish tournament…

The Sailfish Mermaids tackling the Vilankulos Sailfish Tournament….


Hey girls & boys, these three lovely ladies, my angel Gretha, Dee and Susana are giving the boys a run during the Vilankulos Sailfish competition, run by Big Blue and hosted by Vila Do Paraiso, next week starting on the 22nd of May! They will be fishing aboard Mothassane, BahiaMar´s 35ft Triton with my boy Alex Zivane on the wheel.

They not only targeting Sailfish but supporting a great cause while at it, so give them your support! Please check the link below….

Here´s to a lot of fun, tight lines and a great bite ladies!

Go get them!






My colleagues and friends at Bahia Mar Boutique Hotel (Susana, Gretha and I) are taking part in the annual Big Blue Vilankulo Sailfish competition 22- 26 May as the ‘Mothassane Mermaids’.

With Tackle sponsorship from Vila do Paraiso, our goal is to give the boys a run for their money, but more so to try and raise funds and awareness for our much loved pre-school education community project, Bonguilli, here in Vilankulo.

The Bonguili Project addresses the lack of kindergartens in our neighbourhood.

While the government of Mozambique has recognized the importance of early childhood development,  the ability to finance is very limited due to still prevailing budget constraints. Instead, the Government relies on partners from civil society and private sector to fill the gap. Bahia Mar in support of this noble idea is helping the cause by supporting a community pre-school that serves around 70, 3 to 5 year old children from very poor families in the 5º Congresso neighbourhood – which is located 6 km from the hotel.

Since we adopted this project in May 2015, we have been able to expand the existing facilities to include a much needed store room and basic food preparation area as well and most importantly, providing training to upgrade the level of teaching skills.

I’ll post a screen grab of our gps screen every day to show the amount of nautical miles we trawled and supporters to our cause can donate accordingly.

Please see the donation levels for more details and view the collection of fine Art prints as thank you gifts here.


The Vilankulos Sailfish tournament is a awesome yearly get together of great fun, camaraderie and exciting light tackle fishing…this year the Sailfish Mermaids are just giving it an even more magical twist…

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