2014Cape Verde

3 for 2 Blue Marlin

3 for 2 Blue Marlin

Went 3 for 2 yesterday missing one on a lure then catching one on the pitch bait and then on the left long lure, a Black & Red BB striper candy.


We started on the bank and saw a free jumper and half an hour later had one knock the left long but no hook-up. The fish were definitely there but it got to rough so we moved south to the lee where it was much calmer.

Mid morning we finally had one come up on the teasers and once again the circle found it´s sweet spot and we were ON


After 2 days flying from the Dominican (where he was Marlin fishing – poor guy ) David had arrived the previous night and he was on duty and got in the chair!


Fish put on a good show…


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