Blue Marlin World Cup 2018

Blue Marlin World Cup 2018

The 4th of July Blue Marlin World Cup is a unique tournament and the only day of the year we bring out the gaffs. Unfortunately, not this time around and it was the second time we have not taken fished it since 2005.

This tournament is a great concept; fished all over the World simultaneously, it´s a one day event for a single species where teams in their respective time zone´s fish for the biggest Blue Marlin over 500 pounds.

Seeing we are going to Madagascar in a few days this year we did not take part on it, although and even being the so called off season, I would love to fish it on my home waters of Bazaruto (which I never did) seeing I believe that winter as the biggest Blues here and our best Blue Marlin day here was exactly in July. A few years back (the other time we did not fish it) I had a sailfish charter here. On the 3rd it was slow so we decided to put the big guns out and head wide. We missed a fish that was an easy 700 pounds and ended catching the then YFT record for Bazaruto at 74 kilos on the day. Incidentally, the biggest Blue Marlin ever caught off Bazaruto which was just shy of 900 pounds was also caught in our winter!

But, although it’s great fun, it’s not cheap and thus rather difficult to get guys to come in what is historically our off season for Marlin!

The entry fee for the event is USD $ 5 000 with the optional additional USD $ 8 000 to enter the Big Blue Challenge. This gives the potential for a win of over a million!!!

Private and top charter boats from all around the Planet fish this event and 10 locations have won the first prize over many years. Kona (Hawaii) and Bermuda have the most wins.

In 2015, the BigOh´s got everyone´s blood flowing when they landed a monster fish of 1 245 pounds’ late afternoon on the 3rd of July in Cape Verde. However the winning fish on the 4th come from Madeira aboard the Pesca Grossa with a 652 lbs fish.

Then in 2016, when I fished it off Santa Maria it was Blue Makaira´s turn with an impressive fish of 983 lbs. Again, in Madeira!

However, they had entered the Big Blue Challenge and Stephanie Choate aboard the “Real Addiction” in Bermuda won it at 625 pounds and got the Big prize money!

Last year I fished it aboard the Katherine B with my good friend Peter Bristow for the 6th time. Unfortunately, we seem to always use our luck on the 3rd and thus it was once again when we released an 850-pound fish late afternoon on the 3rd.

Well no luck there or for any of the fisheries in the East Atlantic and the 2017 winner come from the Gulf of Mexico aboard Done Deal´s with a fish of exactly 600 pounds.

Well I spoke to Peter on the 3rd and he had pulled hooks on a 900 pound by the boat on the 3rd. maybe this time he had not used all the luck.

But, it was not to be and there were no fish there and in Cape Verde there were a couple of big fish lost but nothing weighted.

There was nothing from Bermuda as well, which has a lot of entries, and in the Gulf of Mexico the Bo Compromise got a fish which was a non-qualifier.

It all ended in Kona Hawaii where there has been a really good run of small fish and soon the World hear of a 115´´x 64´´Blue aboard the Capt. Diamond Dave´s Trouble Maker!

The fish turned out to weigh 760.5 lbs and won the 2018 4th of July Blue Marlin World Cup for angler Derek Escolero.

Congratulations boys…

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