RISE – Together for Mozambique

RISE – Together for Mozambique

Cyclone Idai. She may have moved on, but her effects have not. Beira is still very difficult and the outlying areas even worse.

Even right now, there are still many aid and relief workers, doctors and nurses…addressing the humanitarian crisis that was Idai.

Truckloads of equipment and food keep making the arduous journey through the devastated land. The goods they carry come from all kinds of official and unofficial groups and organisations. Carefully packed into family-sized rations, this food is also distributed by hand, boat and vehicle, to the most remote places affected.

Even the good people of faraway Maputo got stuck in. Loading and sending ships and boats north to assist wherever possible. Truckloads of donated food and equipment steadily made their way up too. A really stout effort.

And now this…a song recently composed and performed, to help further with the Cyclone Idai victims…

There are very many ways to assist further in this quest to resettle thousands upon thousands of refugees from the flood waters and cyclone.

The Gift of the Givers deserve special mention once again. They were so fast on the scene, and their organisational skills and instant infrastructure in the form of vehicles, emergency personnel and equipment and even aircraft.

You can join them as continue their utmost dedication to the enormous task at hand at http://giftofthegivers.org.

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  1. Shonalanga is this Picture yours? do you know the Author? we would like to use it for a charity event towards Mozambique in Brazil. please contact us on +5511963677487 – WhatsApp
    xx bela

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