Kid catches 500lb marlin and other stories

Kid catches 500lb marlin with Duarte Rato

Kid catches 500lb marlin and other stories

Kid catches 500lb marlin: and a few other stories from Captain Duarte Rato and the crew of Vamizi. Fishing the steamy blue waters of the summer time Indian Ocean. It is smack bang in the middle of black marlin and summer gamefish season. The crew are extremely busy and only just had time to eek out a paragraph and to send us these photos. 

And a short little video clip of a jumper near the boat and the tag(s) going in. 2020 Will see this blog featuring more and more video on our YouTube Channel, in the meantime you can see what is currently in the playlist at this following link:

Over to Duarte…for a quick November marlin fishing roundup…

“After some inconsistent fishing the bite certainly picked up the last couple of weeks at the Bazaruto Archipelago and the team aboard VAMIZI making the most of it with some great catches and happy clients. The last 3 days alone they raised 10 Black Marlin, with 8 bites and 5 releases for their anglers. The most memorable a #500 pound fish for an 11 year old angler first Marlin.” – Captain Duarte Rato

This is just a quick update from Duarte who as been fishing back to back since early September and thus have had no time to update the blog with recent catches and season reports. But we are catching up right now!

So, look forward to more action-packed posts like this one!

In the meantime…

Duarte has handed over the reins to Christiaan for now, out on Bazaruto Island. Duarte is currently booked 100% for some well-deserved family time, and to blow off some steam.

Before the crazy blue marlin season kicks off down the coast and way off out of the fun city Maputo. Out in the ultra-indigo Inhaca Island waters. That from February and March, play host to eager shoals of challenging blue, and striped marlin!

Both species ready for a fight.

And then finally, another gallery from the November 2019 collection…

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