The Dickens’ on Bazaruto

The Dickens’ on Bazaruto

After Allan and Dave, regular’s guests that were supposed to fish last week cancelled at the last minute due to business issues, after a long four days on land we finally started fishing again yesterday.

Father & son Dave and Andrew Dickens chartered us for two half day’s.

Under a moderate SE yesterday we started up north targeting game fish on light tackle from lighthouse to Nhangosse. Early morning was very slow with only a couple of YFT and a bonnie. It was a long quiet boring way south until we finally saw some YFT on the top end of V mile and caught another 5 before making our way home at 11am.

Pretty uneventful morning with nothing much for pictures – so here’s a pelican munching away on tiny anchovy at the front of the resort as we got back…


A couple of Black´s were hooked and we know of at least two (450 and 200 lbs) released yesterday by the guys fishing the CADSAAS competition.

Knowing that most action happen early morning, I had a chat with the guys as we departed this morning and instead of game fish, we agreed to target Marlin from the onset.

It was with a huge grin that I set up a spread of 5 konas as we got to V mile at 6am. With the unbelievable game fishing action as well as good numbers of sailfish we have had the last three weeks all our guests thus far have mainly chosen to target these…that’s OK, but this was the first day that we actually started the day fishing with the big guns for the big mama’s & that is what we come here for and it felt good…


With a moderate SSE we started making quarterly tight tacks in a southerly direction and within 10 minutes have a strike on the LC smoker that peels 20 yards and off. Nothing much happens for a while and strangely there are no surface signs, no wahoo, no YFT, no bait on the sounder, nothing, absolutely NADA!

What a difference from the last two weeks…

But, out of nothing & nowhere just after 7am, exactly an hour after we started BANG, hook-up on the short rigger BMC 2 followed by a lighting run.

Andrew grabs the #50 stand up gear loaded with 80 pound line, sets himself in the magic harness and we off for the races…


Deep fighting, stubborn fish and it takes an hour with drag almost @ sunset to bring him up to the surface.

Then the real rodeo begins with tight turns, chases and backing up and after a few close calls we finally get the leader.

An hour ten into the fight, Alberto holds tight and feeling the extra pressure the fish bolts up in a couple of jumps that shows all her girth…

yeah not a Black but a Blue!!!



She goes down once again, but this time she stops before the 100 meters top shoot and as soon as it does I tell Andrew to push the drag up, this time to absolute sunset.

Low gear, slowly we inch her up and thirty minutes later she is once again on the surface. Still lots of life in her and it takes three chases ´till we get the leader again.

She’s still strong but this time we take control, place a tag, take measurements and let her go.

…she´s a good 700 lbs, not bad for your first Marlin!!!

Our biggest Blue to date at Bazaruto as well!!!!


Andrew with the Williamson BMC 2 that did the trick!!!
This particular lure is about 18 years old and, I had recently found in the closet…

Seeing there are so much YFT around, just yesterday I was digging into my skirts trying to find something with a bit of gold in it. Finding one with a bit of green and blue as well I decided to skirt it on this head that had not seen the water for almost two decades…

Fao ( sealine´s hawgdawg) will remember this head well – we used it back in  Almirante leite in ´92…


Some news from the CADSAAS competition from yesterday…a few fish around  3-400 released or boated….and Quatro got weighted a fish of 935 lbs !!!

Again a moderate ESE as we started at V mile this morning with a rookie couple from the UK and did not take long for Deon to get a couple wahoo.


A tad later we got two yellowfin and rigged both as livey´s…but within 2 minutes the long was taxed and 10 minutes later the second had the same fate!!!

Allan calls me on the radio and tells me he just released one about 300 lbs and is now fighting a shark…


Ohhhh well back to lures and it went quiet for a while as we worked north towards Sailfish Bay. The wind and sea dropped considerably so switched to a more aggressive pattern. Not long after BANG!!!

A nice size fish crash strikes from the outside in on the short corner Zulu…


Our lady angler Beverly, gets on the chair to fight the first ever fish of her life…she’s got a adrenaline overdose and I can see her whole body trembling, no wonder when you got a 600 pounds of pure power going ape sh!t at the other end…


Awesome, awesome fish jumping all over the show again and again and again. It took a good 400 yards of line, well into the backing but stayed on top, regrettably I could not chase and get on top of it immediately in order to keep pace with the angler…

The fish settled but soon it started jumping again, what a show…


Beverly finally got into a good rhythm and we got the fish within about 20 meters from the boat when it again went trashing into the air, then settle on the surface…

We had the double 10 meters from the boat when the fish decided to slowly go deep, so we push the drag to 55 pounds and she stops. Low gear and slowly we bring her up. Our lady angler looks like a pro now but with only 30 meters or so of line left we feel two head shakes and the hooks pull….


Bad luck, but that’s how it goes…

Half an hour later we raise a fish about 300 on the shotgun but never get a bite out of it. Going deeper on a tack I see some skipjack, so we catch one and live bait it, but half an hour later it dies on us.

That was about it as at 11am we had to cut the day short when a local boat send us a distress signal. The guys were 111 miles out bottom fishing when they lost their single outboard engine propeller. Well that was the end of it as we towed the guys back to the Island…


…long & slow ride home…but at least we had some cheerful company along the way…




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