2014Cape Verde

More Cape Verde Blue Marlin

More Cape Verde Blue Marlin

We had a late start and the wind was even stronger today – it turned out to be a much slower for everyone and we ended up releasing one out of three fish.

First we had a fish on the left teaser that faded. Then we had another show up on the Abaco prowler short teaser and we pitched the bait but the fish come up on the long right Makaira 19´and did not find steel. At about 11h3 about0 the same thing happen, this time we raised one on the left teaser and before we even had time to pitch a bait it come up on the left long lure but just knocked it out the rigger and faded.

The last fish for the day come about 15 minutes later this time on the right teaser, I pitched the bait and hooked solid…the guys kindly gave me the fish which put on a great fight on the stand up #50 before we released it.



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