Bazaruto floating hotel

Bazaruto floating hotel

Bazaruto floating hotel – easy access to fish like these…


A couple weeks ago we had our good friend and guest Carl jankowitz up @ Vilankulos for a few days of fishing on his 31ft Triton and had some pretty amazing results.

Seeing we would be spending the first couple of nights as guests on Kevin Hogson´s amazing mothership Quo Vadis we spent the first morning stocking up on meat, drinks and so forth.

We left Vilankulos late morning in flat calm water with high expectations.

Kevin had already been fishing on his Sportfisher Big Bob for a week and after a quiet start the previous afternoon he finally found a body of small fish just north of the canyon and had released 2 Blacks out of 4 bites on lures in a two hour period late in the afternoon. Small rats about 150 pounds, but he wasn’t complaining!

We both started working the same area just after midday but truth be told the water had gone a milky colour, there was no bait to be seen and it just did not look good.

They released a sailfish and we got a couple of YFT and two wahoo before heading back for a magnificent braii aboard our floating hotel at the north point of Benguerra…

Let me tell you that is a different level altogether!!!

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