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1018lb Grander Black Marlin by Big Bob

1018lb Grander Black Marlin by Big Bob

A 1018lb Grander Black Marlin was recently taken off Bazaruto Island, by 27 year old Stephanie Choate.

Fishing aboard Black Bob dragging plastics the team hooked up as follows…penned by the angler herself.

“The second day of fishing was flat calm and beautiful. Only a few hours in and the right short went off. The fish smoked an Andy Moyes lure- a small green and black Kaiwi. It was a smooth transition, everyone working together to get lines cleared and I strapped myself in and started the fight. I was gaining when I could and the double line came up. Before we knew it, in true marlin fashion he took off and I was watching my spool and hard work run as far as it could. The fish grey hounded, finally jumping mid-air on it’s side, and I heard “that’s a nice fish” and “looking like 500….maybe 8”. We were all impressed with the fish and a little bewildered at how big it actually was.”

It was 1018lbs.

The fish was tail wrapped and had to planed up skilfully (and forcefully) by Stephanie, in the fighting chair.

Stephanie wrote her story for Pelagic Gear’s website and it can be read in it’s entirety, here…

Well done Stephanie and the team on Black Bob.

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2 thoughts on “1018lb Grander Black Marlin by Big Bob

  1. I live on the Barrier Reef now, but I have fished off Baz and 12 and 25.I was fishing the area in the 90,s, and the last time I was there was 2014.
    Stop killing your fish or you will end up with same flogged out fishery that we have in Aus.

    1. Sorry guys, that fish was caught a few years ago. In my excitement, I thought it was a current catch. Apologies to all who huffed and puffed. And any advice on how not to tail wrap a fish, would really go down well from you, right now – all ears…tx. Shonalanga (Web editor for

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