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Mozambique Fishing roundup for March 2017

Mozambique Fishing roundup for March 2017


Just a quick reports and couple pictures about the Mozambique fishing at the end of March, mainly from the Archipelago to the south.

Although a tad more stable the weather as still been fairly odd, and windier than normal for this time of the year. It´s been pretty warm tough and the water still in between 27c to 28.5c. Going into April we should start seeing those beautiful calm days coming through, typical of this time of year…which definitely makes it one of the best times to visit Mozambique Fishing.

Despite the windier than normal conditions nobody has been complaining seeing this as certainly churned up things with the ocean surface being full of nutrients, tiny baitfish and obviously large schools of game fish in pursuit.

This has certainly been the case at the Bazaruto Archipelago with oceanic anchovy, sardine and little sprats being seen chased by gamefish all the way from up north to the Linene banks and further south. Most of the many game fish species we been catching are gorging on these and just start hurling them out as you boat them! With such surface activity, it´s a pity there has been no Marlin charters, neither for Blacks or Blues out wide, seeing conditions certainly look ideal. There as however been some small Blacks seen and caught like the one small one below out of Sailfish Bat by Eddie a couple of days ago. Even worst is that we are not chasing GT´s on poppers and stick baits more consistently; this is one of the best times to do so, but that will change this month…starting from tomorrow 🙂 !!!!
























What we have been doing is chasing all kinds of other game fish on light tackle and it´s been wild out there. This last weekend we had Charles on Friday and we worked all the way down to Africa Banks in flat calm seas, and caught loads of king mackerel with a few dorado and bonnies to finish it off in style. He agreed to bring my oldest little guy along and he had a ball of a time getting into the thick of things.

Pedro and four of his mates arrive from Maputo the next day, again chartering the 38ft SuperCat. We were greeted by an intense southeasterly Sunday morning so had to fish the fairly channel outside Magaruque. It was wild with birds hovering over a number of schools of Bonito and Queen mackerel (natal snoek) – good to see them arriving this early. We made the most of it as the wind started to rise into 25 knots. We caught 10 snoek and a few bonito in an hour and a half and as the wind went to a staggering 30 knots we decided to get on the sheltered side of Magaruque Island. We spend a great day swimming, snorkeling, drinking and did an awesome prawns, steak and VERY fresh fish barbecue.

On Monday, we left before sunrise for a half day as the guys had to fly back. The wind had eased to a mere 10 knots and we headed north this time. It started slow as we worked shallow looking for king mackerel and trevally´s but think they were all gorged out on the plentiful tiny baitfish. As we moved deeper some birds gave away a school of skipjack with some Yellowfin mixed in and from there we had great fun with the tuna, mostly Yellowfin, which provided some exciting quadruple strikes until we run back before 11am.








At Pomene, just south at Bazaruto the kingfish (Trevally) action has been wild and although I am not a great fan of seeing any of these species dead, especially GT´s, tough I would share these amazing catches that the guys got while spearfishing this last week with Ettiene from Silverfish lodge.

The first is a new pending world record Yellow spotted kingfish that weighted an incredible 17.5 kg´s. Amongst many other trophy fish the guys also got this beast of a GT that weighted in at 46 kg.



















Down south in the Inhaca / Maputo area and as I reported recently here the wild Blue Marlin bite continues in top form with boats experiencing many strikes on Blues as well as a few Striped and Black Marlin on a daily basis.

The pic below is from Richard Martins on the Number1 from a half day last week. They put the Marlin lures out 10h30 and fished for 4 hours. In that time, they went 3 for 4 on Blues. They then went shallower to fish for game fish and caught a couple wahoo and did some bottom fishing for red snappers for dinner! All in a day´s work…

Mozambique Fishing as been hot since really in the new year with lots of game fish and a spectacular Blue Marlin bite down south…


This phenomenal Marlin bite should continuously steady up until early May when the water starts to drop, at which time we get the sailfish pods moving in for their winter run. The archipelago should see even better game fish and some serious GT fishing this next month when we expect some calm weather days. Hopefully we will also get a few days out there for Marlin and make the most of the great conditions.

Mid May will see us go to Cape Verde up to July and then back to Bazaruto for some charters in August out of Vilankulos and then move to the Island to start the Giant Black Marlin Season in September. Already getting ready for the non-stop action we will have until the end of the year. Getting all gear ready and want to thank all the sponsors and guys who make it all possible.


Pulsator Lures from SA for all the lures they recently sent us. Some big stuff for teasers in Cape Verde and the usual fish producing lures for Bazaruto along with some new additions. They also send us a bunch of their successful mini eye daisy chains that are the best bait catching machines out there and custom built a few other smaller daisy chains and spoons combination, specifically designed to catch quennies for swim baits!


Sarel Allers from BA Tackle & Backline Adventures for the great X strong Pakula Dojo Hooks along with some beauty´s from the Bahama Lures stables. Mozambique Fishing


Andrew Moyes from Moyes Custom Lures for producing some of the best lures in the market. Here a sexily dressed Med. Pipe Bomb that it´s on his way with some others and which will certainly continue to do it´s damage on the Bazaruto waters – Mozambique fishing!


Thanks also to Suli and Omar at Solly´s Angler´s corner @ Fourways who as usual will shortly be sending us all the other terminal.

Hesh / Emmet @ KBE Anglers Hub  – Knot Big Enuff in Dubai for their support and terminal & lures coming down our way.

And, Brad Kidd Tackle who is presently building us four #80 custom made Calstar Blanks with AFTCO UB4 curved units and SHD big foot guides & a set of new game fish rods.

Here´s to a great April and some awesome days in the water…



Duarte A. M. Rato

Sportfishing Charters @ Vilankulos & Bazaruto Archipelago


FB:             MarlinMoz Sportfishing   &

Skype:          duarteamrato

Phone:         00 258 82 805 7160 / 00 258 84 639 0466



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