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Delightful Light Tackle Fishing Bazaruto for Konrad Tillman

Delightful Light Tackle Fishing Bazaruto for Konrad Tillman

Delightful Light Tackle Fishing Bazaruto for Konrad Tillman: fresh news in from pushing through the winter gamefish season and in preparation for the very heavy tackle season coming up soon.

Straight after having a great day with Neville, Benn and Luke Watts where we released a Black Marlin on light tackle for Benn´s first in beautiful calm weather we had Konrad Tillman for a day and a half and he enjoyed all the diversity the archipelago as got to offer in glorious weather!

At 22 years old Konrad is trying to achieve being the youngest man to visit all of the World´s countries.

He has now been travelling in Africa for a while and Mozambique is his 97th country, so basically, he is half way on his quest to visit all of the World´s 195 countries.

We had been in touch for a while and he had booked us aboard the 38ft Drop Your Rods out of Vilankulos.

The weather could have not been better and so we finally managed to try our luck down south Linene area and see what was cooking down there!

First up on the first day we caught a jube jube at marlin pinnacles, put it out and were instantly rewarded with a nice cuta.

Then we started trolling further south and as we got on top of we hooked up on the long and got a nice YFT!

Then as we moved further south and just outside n.1 pinnacle, we hooked up again and this time we got a nice wahoo.

Well, the quality of the fish for the barbecue lunch was just getting better and better!

It had been an OK start, but nothing to brag home about, but then the next hour or so, right at the tide change, went into proper wild mode!

We caught three jube jube´s and put them all live and the first was literally taken within 5 minutes. As we boated a nice king mackerel another rod went VAS and Konrad got his first Green Jobfish and a real good one at that! Two minutes later on we went again and this time again another nice size cuda!

Konrad Tillman surely experienced Bazaruto´s diversity including numerous species but the quality of both job fish he got where really outstanding

Catch more live jube jube´s and repeat!

Another big job fish, bunch of cuta, wahoo, barracuda destroying the baits, etc etc etc

It actually became ridiculous and we decided to stop with the live bait fishing – it was just too easy any bait you put out was taken within minutes, cuta, cuda and more king mackerel!!!

We decided to put the trolling spread and work south so as to enjoy a nice barbecue fish lunch.

We had just sat down to eat when off they went with a couple nice wahoo!!!

Bazaruto´s diversity for Konrad Tillman – the cuda fishing was actually ridiculous and we eventually gave up on putting any more live jube jubes in the water – they were just getting smashed nonstop by a number of species but mostly nice size cuta. We decided to troll so as to try for different species and we surely got a number of them including many nice size wahoo.

Up next was a couple sailfish on the lures / ballyhoo combination on the long´s!

Konrad hooked one but after a lot of jumps it pulled the hook!

We worked north and, on the way, raised a couple lazy sailfish, frustrating stuff!!!

Got to Best reef which was full up with jube jube´s, caught a couple, put them out live and in no time at all hooked and caught another cuda!

This was too easy!

So back to trolling and the last hour in the afternoon was again action packed with some more sailfish teasing and catching some good wahoo!!!

Great day on the water with amazing diversity and some really good quality fish.

Bazaruto´s diversity for Konrad Tillman – not only did Konrad catch a multitude of species but some pretty good sizes and excellent eating. First day out we had a tuna and wahoo barbecue, second day a T-bone – and on both days as we sat down to eat we were unkindly interrupted by screaming wahoo ????

All we missed was a billfish!

We decided to concentrate on that the following day and could not have had a better start!

The baits had been in the water for no longer than 5 minutes on the second day when we had a sailfish pack attack.

We hooked two fish and as we slowed down, we had another 2 or 3 fish on the baits but with only one angler on board two was more than enough.

We pulled the hook on one but Konrad released the other fish!

After that we decided to spend some more time deeper, we had some bigger lures and tried to see if we could pick up a Black for Konrad – as he had never caught one.

Unfortunately, by 10 am we had some boat issues which we resolved but decided on a short day. However, on the way back and working the same area we had the wahoo mayhem the previous day we again hooked up to some nice wahoo, including a double and got some more great fish to 24 kilos to finish up a great short trip for Konrad.

Konrad´s quest for the World countries continues but he will be doing a second visit to Mozambique and the Bazaruto Archipelago in November in his quest for a Big Black Marlin!!!

Can´t wait…

Bazaruto´s diversity for Konrad Tillman – in a day and a half fishing Konrad experienced everything this time of the year can bring on light tackle, multiple screaming wahoo run´s, crocodile cuta on live bait and to top it off a sailfish release out of a pack attack!

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